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Civil Rights Educational Equality Assignment

Notes concerning the radio program “This American Life”40% achievement gap; Integration – white and black pupils in the same schools; black kids have the same facilities and have the same access to good teachers and studying tools; Black schools - high concentration of students who lives in poverty, kids are more stressed out and have more educational need; a lot of such kids in one class results in such rule – when all kids behind - you also behind and there is no kid to help you; also such kind of schools has worst teachers, in that way it impossible to undo the harm; Case of Michael Brown; graduating from school – is a symbolic for black mother; The story of 12 years old girl (Maria) who was a star student in Normandy, but has to prove she was, because of negligence. The mission to get a better education, turned to a mission to get out of the boundaries of the district. ZIP code – was a trap.

The example of Normandy school raised a question: maybe that would be useful to set a concrete period during which school can be under provisional accreditation, it is to be a long period, but the one which aims the assessment of possibility for such school to get a proper accreditation. But in order to provide such a rule, the system should be oriented on students needs and not on the financial needs district. 1000 of Normandy students chose “evacuation”. The integration in Francis Howell school just begins to happen, it wasn’t plan. Parents attitude - protest, fear, anger. Was it a race issue or commitment? Parents of black students were following the school bus to make sure that their children are safe. Students in Francis Howell school met black mates friendly, so what does that mean?

Guess grown – ups are just too overfilled with anger and fear. But all the stories were good, some kids (like Rihanna) were hunted by white students – “nigar”, “stupid”, “black”; “black gold” – notion used in the context of transportation cost from Normandy district to Francis Howell school; Rebranding of Normandy school as a way out of bankruptcy; Kiana – the need in environment change and a to develop and see the way other people live (integration need); collective responsibility for integrating; integration can work only if people will choose it; two – front battle - courts and society (public opinion) (John Brittain); stigma of separation couldn’t be overcome; marketing of integration; integration of white students; reduced isolation students; Magnet schools; integration level: 2007 – 11% to 2015 – nearly 50%; school choice office4 a lot of families choose integration; separate schools couldn’t be equal; there will be the day when there will be more black people and then white people will be eager to integrate because they will need skills to live in such society (J. Brittain); congress promoting integration through such means as financial support of schools and stuff; …

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