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Class Participation / Asian-American

Asian American minority in the United States is the most educated group which sometimes also called “model minority”. It should be mentioned that generally their attitude toward life is very similar to European Americans; however, there are still some important distinct values that differ Asian Americans from other population. First of all it should be mentioned that for Asian Americans assimilation and enculturation are important things, but the most basic values that they share are direct opposite to what European Americans shared.

For example, “Asian Americans in general include collectivism, conformity to norms, and deference to authority figures, emotional restraint, filial piety, and humility” on contrary European American values include “individualism, autonomy, future orientation, and mastery of the environment” (Omizo, Kim, 2008). The most important feature of the Asian Americans is probably collectivism and the value related to it is “collective self-esteem”. Collective self-esteem includes four aspects such as “membership, private, public, and importance of identity” (Omizo, Kim, 2008).

For Asian American minority it is extremely important to know how good they are “as members of their social group”, “how good their social group is”, “how others evaluate their group”, “of how important people's social group membership is to their self-concept” (Omizo, Kim, 2008). So, it could be said that Asian Americans’ values are mostly determined by their collectivism preferences. Since individuals are always connected as a part of larger social group, one of the most important values for them is family and related to it education. Among Asian Americans are usually “Great importance is placed on child rearing” (Hu, 2012). It should be mentioned that Asian American’s parents tend to spend more time with their children than European American and to contribute to their education as much as they can. In addition it is quite rare phenomenon for Asian Americans to hire babysitter like European Americans do.

It also should be mentioned that Asian Americans very often liv in extended families and “respect for parents [and grandparents] is a very important principle” (Hu, 2012). For European American youth is more valuable; however, among Asian American “age and position are most highly respected” (Hu, 2012). It also should be mentioned that Asian American are tended to hierarchy which could be perceived on the private level (such as family hierarchy) and public level (which is corporation hierarchy). These principles of hierarchy are learned by them since childhood, “For example, the parent child relationship is carried further on to ruler and ruled, employer and employee” (Hu, 2012). In this case, education is the most suitable way to reach higher position in the American society.

This situation actually explains why “ a number of Asian students have done conspicuously well in terms of test scores, gifted student programs, admissions to prestigious schools, academic awards, and in classical music” (Hu, 2012). That is why education is the most possible way for upper social mobility. Talking about hierarchy it is also should be mentioned that Asian Americans do not tend to equalize all people, …

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