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Table of Contents

Vision, strategic mission and goals

Stakeholders, formed business requirements and3system business

Requirements statement

Problems and solutions

Vision, strategic mission and goals

Company subjected to analysis is an international electric car corporation named Tesla Motors. In accordance with stated mission plan, company’s vision consists in designing, manufacturing and providing services related to electric cars, enhancing facilities for their easier application, servicing and in expanding company’s scale to deliver cars to market as soon as possible. Analyzing current situation and operations regarding strategic goals it is possible to conclude that existing main targets consist in expanding range of models, simultaneously, improving critical technical parameters, exclusively, for electric cars.

They are defined trough such key features as: reducing battery usage, increasing traveled distance by locating charging stations across highways and in towns and implementation of IT-systems to make possible to control all onboard devices and upgrading the whole automobile system distantly via Internet. Another key objective is expanding of the range of automobile models to cover significant market share. These goals have sustainable importance, since, for example, control systems upgrade may affect steering process considerably and has impact on perception of driving generally.

Stakeholders, formed business requirements and system business

In order to identify stakeholders it is necessary to consider their two categories: internal and external stakeholders. Then, in order to set requirements, such approach as averaging their requests, defined by certain types of stakeholders, can make easier to determine exact needs. Talking about internal stakeholders it is possible to assume that employees, managers and owners have common touch points and share approximately the same needs. To start with, firstly, one as a common feature is justification of investments in company and regular payments to employees can be tied in something general. In its turn, managers are in need in qualified personal and appropriate appliances to perform their work efficiently. It may imply existence of suitable software or any other system for monitoring working performance and controlling output rates. Considering external stakeholders, their needs mostly remind the same requirements described above. But, simultaneously, they also consist in some new branches defined by other sides. Suppliers, creditors, government, customers and society take part in forming company by setting bunches of their restrictions and expectations. Thus, government and creditors are interested in the financial aspects, such as tax payment ability and debt recovery with specified interest rates, respectively. Suppliers’ main interest is in timely performed payments for delivered components, materials and services. Customer and society mostly disturbed with quality and safety of products. Another important issue regarding IT solutions is being able to address to 24/7 services and being capable of relying on car system performance. Quite important role is non-waste production and absence of hazardous outputs to secure people of being affected by their action. Such approach can encourage customers and investors treat company both, as a quality and reliable manufacturer and as a great source of money after making investments (Djouab, …

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