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Communication in Organizations

Communication is very important in working process. During working process managers or chiefs should share a lot of information with other workers. This informational exchange is connected with all kinds of administrative activities and also is connecting process between all levels of organization. According to Sage (2006) “communication is a complicated process that demands putting together information from many sources and expressing thoughts with clarity and relevant content…”Lack of effective communication leads organization to become unmanageable.

The establishment and implementation of communication processes in organization takes a lot of time and efforts of managers. Effective organizations are well communicated organizations. In modern organizations all levels of communication are important: meetings, personal conversations, memoirs, work reports, telephone conversations, videos, e-mails, internet etc.But frequently something goes wrong in communication processes and whole organization is amenable to this influence. All communication levels are interrupted and organization is worse controlled. Some co-workers are nice and friendly and other are annoying. In “Dealing with Annoying Co-Workers” Alison Green explains most common communication problems in big organization, which interrupted whole organizations working process.

According to Green (2011) there are 6 types of annoying co-workers:

“1.The interrupter,

2.The know-it-all,

3.The slacker,

4.The grump,

5.The speakerphone lover,

6.The blabbermouth.”

All these types of problem and annoying co-workers interfering your work process in different ways: the interrupter simply interrupts all your conversation and answers all questions that were addressed to you; the know-it-all worker thinks that he is the smartest one in your organization and his solutions are the best; the slacker is fully out work plans and schedules, he is texting in facebook or reading online magazines; the grump exudes negativity, he hates everything and everybody around him; the speakerphone lover is always play back her voicemail on speakerphone distracting other co-workers; the blabbermouth just talks to everybody without pauses, he always find new themes for conversation and things to chat around. The author also finds some solutions and ways to cooperate with these annoying co-workers. She analyzed most common problems and found most effective strategies for solving these problems.

Most of us faced similar problems and annoying co-workers or classmates before. We found our own ways for solving these problems, some of that ways were really useless and ineffective and other helped us in communication breakdowns. I had an encounter with blabbermouth in high school; she always found some themes and thing to talk about every time she meets me: weather, politic, sports, fashion industry, organic food, immigration problem etc. Sometimes this conversations were really interesting and informative, but most of the time it was just wasting of time, these long conversations were really never ending so I missed my school projects deadlines etc. I was really shy to interrupt her or end our conversation, so I listened her for hours; I thought that I’ll sound rude trying to stop that chatting, mine good manners led me to school problems.

Nowadays using the pieces of advice given by article author I …

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