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Communication Issue Paper (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)


Today the community involvement in the solving of various problems is very active and helps to face and overcome such complicated problems like environmental pollution, poverty or addictions. The question today is not in whether cooperate and involve community members or not, but how to do it in the most productive way and to reach the bigger auditory.

The purpose of the present research paper is to find out and analyze the methods and instruments using by organizations for the community engagement. For this aim the non-profit organization of Australia was chosen, namely – Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

Brief description of the AIPP

Australian Institute of Professional Photographers is a non-profit organization that unites industry professionals in photography, students and amateurs that tend to higher standards of work.

The AIPP was founded in 1963. Its mission is to support and develop high standards of making images (“excellence in imaging”) through membership in this organization and following the AIPP code of ethics. Today organization counts more than 3200 members from all parts of Australia.

The AIPP is headed by the Board of directors that is voluntary and elected for the every current year. The current President of organization is Ross Eason. AIPP has offices in the main cities of Australia including Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

There are few types of membership in AIPP that depends on the level and experience of the person. Those types include: emerging, enthusiast, student, retired, international member, as well as accredited pro video producer, pro video producer, and accredited pro photographer. The accredited membership in AIPP means that person meets the highest standards of the industry and meets the requirements list for getting accreditation. Those members are obliged to continue their education and improve own skills and business practices with the programs offered by AIPP. Moreover, their accreditation level is monitoring for verifying the appropriate professional level.

The AIPP provides unique instruments for the photographers and video producers that usually work in isolation, and offers promotion of their works and getting to wider audience uniting their efforts, knowledge, professionalism and creativity. AIPP members get benefits from their memberships that include the following: access to the seminars, master classes and other educational events from industry professionals; possibility to be present in a list of “search for pro” where every potential client could find the photographer depending on the category (wedding, birth, portrait etc.); using a AIPP logo that is a big privilege for being indicated among all other representatives of this profession; money saving programs due to the active sponsors’ support etc.The AIPP is funded due to the sponsors the majority of whom represent the producers of the photography equipment.

So, the national sponsors of the AIPP are Canon, Nikon, and Epson. Besides, there are plenty of others, regional, sponsors attracting by the AIPP’s activity, like Camera Electronic, Sigma, Mason Black (lawyers), Pixles etc. The organization partners are usually other organizations dedicated to the same mission of supporting talented photographers …

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