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Communication Self-Analysis


The purpose of this exercise is to explore and analyze how several factors affect or influence one’s personality. In the succeeding discussion, three factors will be applied to conduct self-analysis. The three factors include gender, culture or nationality, and astrological or zodiac sign. For the purpose of self-analysis, I will determine how being male, a Cuban, and Virgo affects my personality traits and characteristics. Self-AnalysisI am a man and I believe that gender, particularly gender stereotypes, influence the way I see myself (Lee, 46; Thomas & Segal, 439). As most men, I must admit that there are stereotypes that influence how I behave around family and women. Moreover, in forging a career, I chose one that is associated with ‘maleness’. Many family and friends judge people based on their career and they sometimes say, for instance, that male nurses look weak or are laughable.

These kinds of stereotypes affect my decisions at times. I also believe that there are responsibilities that I should take on instead of letting women do so such as being a breadwinner and providing for my family. I am Cuban. Perhaps one of the defining characteristics of Cubans is their religiosity (Skaine, 125). I am a Christian and as I was growing older, my family would go to church together on Sundays. We also follow religious superstitions such as asking for signs when making decisions. I am also proud that I belong to a tight-knit, nuclear family. Cubans value close family ties (Skaine, 125).

For this reason, I value my family’s opinion and I would often go to them for advice. I am a Virgo. In a nutshell, Virgo men are described by astrologists as critical and hardworking human beings. Moreover, Virgo men understand and consistently aim to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. Since Virgo is represented by the Virgin, both men and women are characterized by modesty.

Astrology also cites different characteristics common among Virgo male but based on the general descriptions, I identify well with being hardworking and modest. Since I was a child, I knew what my responsibilities were from helping my parents to finishing school. I am also modest in that I keep my accomplishments to myself. I may share it with family and close friends but I am unlike other people who make announcements or host events to celebrate accomplishments.


The foregoing self-analysis shows that the three factors – gender, culture or nationality, and astrological sign influences personal traits or characters. Nonetheless, I have to say that gender and culture genuinely influence personality traits. I do not, however, believe that astrological signs influence an individual’s behavior. Astrology may be used as a basis for determining one’s traits but I do not think it is a definite determinant of personality unlike gender and culture that significantly shape one’s sense of self.

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