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Theories of Communication


Communication can be defined as the process through which people transmit information from one person to another. Communication plays a crucial part of every relationship that people in the society engage in, ranging from personal to our professional lives. In today's world, there are much more different ways of communication that are available and accessible than there were in the past. For instance, the use of the mobile phone has made communication easy and convenient because people from far geographical areas can bridge the gap and transmit information efficiently. The internet has also provided a better platform for communication and networking of people in the global village.

Conflict is an inevitable part of human existence; therefore, communication is required to solve our day to day disputes and live in harmony and peace with one other. The different forms of conflict resolution employ communication as an effective tool to resolve disputes, for instance in social relationships like among family and friends, or in professional relationships like amongst patients and nurses or physicians, business partners etc. This paper will describe in detail the three different communication theories and how effective they are in the nursing field.

Communication Theories for Groups, Teams, and Organizations

Groups, teams, and organizations are terms often used interchangeably, but although subtle, they are different words. It is, however, important to note that a group or a collection of groups, can form an organization, the same also applies for teams. A group can be defined as some individuals often forming a unit for a particular reason or cause while a team, on the other hand, refers to a collection of accomplished persons who come together to achieve a common goal that often needs completion. A group, therefore, can exist from having some individuals coming together willingly to perform a focused action, for instance, cultural reform. A team, on the other hand, focuses mainly on how the individuals are connected to each other or on how they will achieve a common purpose. For instance, in a hospital setting, nurses are required to work with physicians, especially in operations and thus there should be team spirit between the nurses and physicians in such a case in order to make the operation successful. Team spirit means cooperation with each other through communication. An organization can be described as a structured system made up of similar or different social units of people to achieve a common goal.

The social groups in an organization all have a clear management structure, division of labor and responsibilities among others, and they work independently towards a common objective. Effective communication is essential for any organization to run smoothly. This means that the intended message from the sender is received by the audience without any error or distortions in meaning. This applies especially in the business world whereby employees in an organization are communicating in a meeting or one-on-one amongst themselves or with customers and clients; communication helps the task to be completed smoothly and timely. For instance …

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