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Concept Analysis

To begin with, while exercising the nursing job, one has to evaluate exactly the connection between nursing theories. In addition to this, a person who has decided to dedicate his / her life to medical work and helping people, has to realize that the presence of personal philosophy is of a great importance, and it is supposed to be based on the theoretical approaches. The theories which is tightly connected with my personal philosophy of nursing are as follows: self-directed learning, transformative theory and social learning theory.Regarding the works of the nursing theorists it is necessary to mention that Fawcett & Fawcett (2005) are convinced that the personal philosophy is closely interconnected with the theoretical approaches in nursing. The theory if nursing is, on the one hand, a reflection of philosophy; on the other hand, philosophy is gradually based on the theory and vision.

Peterson & Bredow (2004) support this opinion and add that it is important for a nurse to regard such a term as lifelong learning. This means that if a person stops his/her development in studying, the results which are expected will be supposed to be impossible to be reached. Masters (2012) states that theory is a great basis for practice, however, they are impossible to be separated from each other. In other words, it is not exactly correct to claim that practice is not worth of theory, and theory, in its turn, does not deal with practice. The same, in the author’s opinion, might be said about the connection between personal nursing philosophy and theory of nursing. Masters (2012) also includes the discussion about learning.

By the concept of learning, the author means that this term comprises of not only theory or practice in medicine and medical care serves, but also social basis of learning. A person has to learn from other people, from their experience, from their knowledge and errors. Social learning, in the author’s opinion, is concentrated in the approach of sponge: a person has to saturate as much knowledge and experience as possible, since there are no limits which would disrupt the process.Regarding the relationship between personal nurse’s philosophy, Kim & Kollak (2006) come up with a conclusion that in the basis of all philosophies and theories there is an essential element which contributes to the further evolution: learning. This is the process of constant knowledge gaining process which pushes the development of medicine ahead, and stimulates its workers work in a better and more advanced way.Marriner-Tomey & Alligood (2006) connect learning (both self- and social ones) with teaching. If a person has enough strength to teach and transmit the knowledge and experience, building theoretical and philosophical approaches in his / her students, it means that one can speak about the philosophy of nursing. Furthermore, it is important to take into consideration an important aspect of the ability to convey the theory and practice through the prism of personal philosophy of nursing.

Personally, I believe that the theories which are close to me …

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