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As the latest investigations showed, during the human existence time flow, the level of violence was decreasing. Although there is specifics of any human being, which is connected to the wild necessity of violent manifestations in the everyday life.

Nowadays, approximately 62% of children suffered from physical abuse, while only 24% went through emotional one in their families and surroundings.Psychological, in other words, emotional abuse includes harassment, horrification, obtrusive control attempts, humiliation and isolation of the children. According to Lawton, it turned out that psychological violence cripples infantile psychic more than other kids of violence. Those ones, who suffered from emotional or physical abuse, though, suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, and misuse of psychoactive substances, which might lead to post-traumatic stress and suicidal attempts, as well as to the possible increase of delinquency and crimes appearance.

Thus, deviations that happened because of physical or emotional abuse will touch all the levels of person’s further functioning, including cognition, appetite, and sleeping. Also, majority of somatic disorders might appear, which will lead to persistent personality changes, which might become the barrier in self-realization in the future and would lead to behavioral changes, such as alcoholism, drug dependency, involuntary appearance of traumatic actions in behavior, auto-aggressive manners (self-torture or violence, directed at others).

Therefore, the actions, remembered by children from the childhood, might possibly lead to distant consequences, manifesting throughout all the further life of the victim. Such experience might possibly form further specific family relations and establish “new” special life scenarios. So in the majority of the cases, adults might show violence acts in regards to other or own kids, or in other cases might be manifested in the murders and tortures of other victims.Furthermore, all the above-mentioned ideas might lead to hard mental shocks; that's why it is necessary to avoid any possibility of the emotional and physical abuse that might appear on the early stage of the child’s upbringing process.


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