Consider Something In Your Life You Think Goes Unnoticed and Write About Why it's Important to You essay sample

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Something That Goes Unnoticed & Why it's Important

One of the things that goes unnoticed in life is the amount of individual effort people put into doing their job. Since a lot of jobs involve providing a service for someone, I believe it is very important that we recognize the essence of such occupation, which is helping. It seems as though many people assume the wrong mindset about people who hold a job of a cashier, or a waiter, or any other sort of social service.

People simply assume that their work is solely based on their obligation to the community. When, in fact, these workers are same ordinary people who are also members of the community. I feel like many people take for granted the service that is done to them personally. It is as though it’s expectant of these workers to perform a high level of conduct, regardless of their individual specificities. And whenever a worker doesn’t meet this expectation he’s being reproached for it.

In my experience I’ve seen people being extremely rude to cashiers at the supermarkets, or to waiters at the restaurants for trifle matters. I believe that such negative behavior towards a worker is rooted in person’s inability (or unwillingness) to see beyond the status of an employee. In that way, they disregard individuality and the amount of effort a person puts into doing their job. There are so many factors that can lead a worker to make a mistake. I think that with more people becoming more understanding and compassionate in their interaction with other people, especially, people they don’t know, our community in general can grow …

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