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Question 1

In classical conditioning, learning is acquired through experience while in instrumental conditioning learning will take place through reinforcements. A good example of a marketing communication advertisement for classical conditioning is the Guinness advertisement that when one is watching football, he/she should have a bottle of Guinness beer in his/her hands.

We are made to associate a Guinness beer bottle with victory. Due to this many tend to have a bottle of Guinness while watching football. So every time one is watching, he is made to think that he should be taking a bottle of Guinness. Another good example of classical conditioning in advertising is this coca-cola advert. Here, Coca-cola has been connected with the desire that can be seen in a woman’s face. So the next time a man will see coca-cola will fill the desire.Source: Mal ogianni, C. (2015, May 1). Classical Conditioning. Retrieved November 20, 2015,from good example of a marketing communication advertisement for instrumental conditioning is an advert by the Unilever Company called the healing the power of Vaseline. In the advert, one can clearly see that Vaseline has the power to heal skin with cracks. Ladies will have to consume the product as long as they want to heal cracks in their skins.

Question 2

Schemas are the beliefs that are still embedded in the memories of consumers. On the other hand, nostalgia in marketing refers to a positive moment one had in the past; a good product that one used in the past and still crave for. Product promoters will change commodities every now and then so that they may be more exciting and more appealing to the customers. However, the extent of the success or failure of a product will not only depend on the changes made, but also on the schemas of the different customers.Nostalgia shapes schemas in that when consumers often show nostalgic behaviors from re-watching old movies to envying certain brands of vehicles they loved from their young days, they develop a certain belief that those products are good and some view them as still the best. This makes them to still remember and view them as the best. I have a good deal of Nostalgia for Mercedez Benz. I realized this after noticing that every time I have to research about motor vehicles, I opt to go for Mercedes Benz, every time I have to play online games, I always choose my car to be a Mercedes Benz. I developed the schema about ten years ago when my friend and I made a bet on our dream cars.

Question 3

Motivation is what will cause people to behave as they do. It is true that motivations are fueled by both primary and secondary needs. When humans satisfy their first needs, they crave to satisfy their second needs. Consumers will strive to achieve their goals and marketers will …

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