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Content Create Venture


Our main objective in simulating a “capstone” project is to develop ideas for a new business. The business may be new or an extension of an existing businesses, particularly in publishing, that provide resources and content to a specific category. The purpose of creating a new venture in publishing is to integrate personal perspectives on business growth and product development. To narrow down the scope of research, the proposed business adopts a ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) model. The proposed business is a digital publishing firm that aims to establish partnerships with other businesses to create digital educational content for students. Considering the abovementioned proposal, the succeeding report will describe the proposed business’s details. Following the format of a capstone project, the succeeding report will detail the design of the proposed business. Details would include the proposed business’s project statement, mission, and vision, the business model and design, the target audience, the competition, the methods of delivery, deliverables, the requirements and specifications of the business, and the primary source of revenue. The succeeding report will also detail the business outlook for the first three years, the biggest challenges the company would face from years 1 to 3, and the solutions to these issues. An assessment of the proposed business model’s success, the factors that would contribute to success, and the impact of the competition will also be included in the report.

Design of the Business: Content Create


The proposed business venture is ‘Content Create’, a digital publishing company that develops digital content and applications for various firms in the education sector. Content Create operates in the B2B sector. As a B2B venture, Content Create assumes two different roles – a digital content consultant and a content creator. Content Create works with various businesses and institutions in the education sector from schools, colleges or universities, education publishing companies, and educational resources or toy manufacturers, as well as independent entities. Content Create’s partners may consult with the company or directly work with the company to translate ideas and non-digital content or concepts to digital content. Content Create may either conceptualize or design digital content for its clients or use their clients’ ideas to create content.

Essentially, Content Create takes ideas or content and translates them into digital content that users may access using their gadgets or devices. If a business manufactures and distributes tangible educational toys, for instance, the company may consult Content Create to translate the toy or game into digital form that children may access or play using as an application or software using their desktop or tablet computers or smartphones. Create Content Mission and VisionCreate Content’s mission is to widen people’s access to information and resources by translating knowledge, ideas, and content to digital form. By creating digital content, Create Content would be instrumental in increasing access to knowledge and information by making them accessible online. Create Content aims to help businesses in the education industry, particularly those that lack the capacity …

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