Convenience Cultures (Responses to the Readings) essay sample

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Title: Convenience food: space and timing

Author: Alan Warde

Genre: Academic Journal

Pages that you read: 518 - 527

Response to the reading

I like the fact that the article represents food is being discussed as a serious issue and that affects the families in one way or another. In this article, women are recognized as the people entitled to prepare food for the family and it is seen as the symbolic representation of a family (Alan, 1999). What I have learned is that the opposition between convenience and care is taking seriously especially when it comes to family. For instance, women serving tin food to members of a family leads to the disapproval of the woman and is most likely seen as a person who is not caring to the family.It was difficult to some extent to relate how convenience affected family care whereas convenience is about saving time and even wastefulness. I did not like the fact that the author of the article intentionally avoided discussing the merits of convenience food in detail and instead kept on referring to other authors in what would take as a protective approach or maybe did not want to be understood in unpopular context.

Title: “I Guarantee”: Betty Crocker and the Woman in the Kitchen


Genre: Academic Journal

Pages that you read: 29-40

Response to the reading

I like how Mary Blake and Betty Crocker merged the new and the old habits of preparing foods to come up with a good a new type of pie. Their concept was very crucial because it marked the beginning of overhauling of the food industry redefining cooking. The old cooking methods were quickly replaced with new cooking methods and this very evident from the kind of adverts that were been aired.

I have learned that this change was driven by an effort that was aimed at reeducating people led by a sisterhood of pen-and-ink home economists. The Enlightment was done both in print and in some cases they did it physically (SHAPIRO, n.d.).

The author was not clear at the beginning of the article making it difficult to understand what the article is trying to say and this confusion goes on in some other pages. Also, I did not like the fact that the author glorifies so much about the typical American cake not considering the fact that America is made of immigrants who feel that their home made cakes are the best depending on their place of origin.


Alan Warde, (1999),"Convenience food: space and timing", British Food Journal, Vol. 101 Iss: 7 pp. 518 – 527SHAPIRO, L. (n.d.). “I Guarantee”: Betty Crocker and the Woman in the Kitchen. …

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