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Table of Contents

CSR in Different Organizational and National Contexts

Theoretical Avenues and the Diversity of Theoretical Concepts in CSR

Strategic approaches used currently by Nike, Inc. in fulfilling the community responsibilities

Recommendations for CSR Strategy Development in Nike, Inc.

Ecological Aspect

Social Welfare Aspect

Labor Resources Aspect


Executive Summary

Appendix 1

CSR in Different Organizational and National Contexts

CSR is a complex notion comprising the factors of all the diverse stakeholders, which are influences by activities of an organization. In general, organizations have many similar stakeholder patterns in their activities identifying cross-industry and cross-market patterns of CSR (Moon et al, 2005). However, each organization has many unique interrelations with the surrounding entities, which are determined by specific micro- and macro-economic backgrounds. The organizations’ operation in different kinds of industry and various markets identifies different organizational and national contexts in implementing CSR. There are six core characteristics of CSR: voluntarism, referring to voluntary intentions of the SCR activities as opposed to those forced by law; practice and value, referring to the actual acts of organizations and the reasons for such acts; scope beyond philanthropy, referring to CSR representing something more than acts of charity towards the unfortunate; managing externalities, referring to the internalizing of side effects, such as pollution, by voluntary investing in green technologies; alignment of social and economic responsibilities, referring to connection between social consciousness of an organization and the profits; and finally, multiple stakeholder orientation, referring to responsibility to all the constituencies (Crane et al., 2008).

As argued by Jenkins and Yakovleva, CSR concerns have become one of the major priorities in many countries and industries, including mining industry (2006). CSR in the mining industry is argued to be presented by public disclosure of social and environmental information, which serves as a document and justification of the company existence. On the example of top ten organizations in the mining industry, the authors are able to conclude that the public disclosure patterns in this industry are in the phase of development. The reports are increasing in their sophistication, including the wider scope of questions, articulated policy statements, and codes of conduct. The reports are carried out in accordance to guidelines of GRI and external verification of data, comprised in the reports. The practice of publishing online for the wide global public is becoming a trend in CSR activities of mining industry organizations regardless of the national contexts.

These activities are argued to be revealing alignment of social and economic interests of the companies (Jenkins and Yakovleva, 2006). The publishing of the reports is not enforced by the legislation, thus, they are carried out on the voluntary basis.American international organizations have shown dedication to social responsibility in all the industries, e.g. logistics, retailing, or manufacturing. The tendencies can be observed in the messages from CEOs, which signal and confirm the commitment to social responsibility as the essential element of dialogue with the public (Kotler and Lee, 2005). The CEO …

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