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Creating Training Tool

For any company to succeed in its operations, it has to make informed decisions that do not create conflict among employees. Therefore, it calls for the company management to make decisions based on sound reason and sufficient knowledge to enable a company achieve its long-term goals. Decision-making process takes place at different levels of an organization. This paper will focus on how the management can undertake employee development, coaching, and decision-making process in the most efficient way that could lead to the attainment of is set goals and objectives (Bechara, 2004). Therefore, diverse form of decision-making should be undertaken on employees with different strengths as follows.

Decision-Making Process

Before making a decision, the manager must identify a problem that need to be addressed in real time. When a decision is arrived at without considering the problem, a wrong judgment can be made resulting in more conflict. The manager should examine all the grievance and suggestion of workers at different levels to reach an ultimate solution and all employees should be involved. For instance, let’s take a case where employees are complaining about poor working conditions at the workplace, and instead of the management coming up with solutions that will improve the situation, they address a different issue. Therefore, the leader should have a clear understanding of the diverse strengths the workers have so that the decisions are based on personal strengths.

Managers should also develop multiple perspectives when analyzing a decision. Here the decision-maker is supposed to think outside the conventional thinking to understand how others may feel or react to his or her decision. Therefore, they are required to seek more viewpoints and stop relying on their personal judgment since more ideas are useful for making an informed decision that will not lead to conflict within an organization (Bechara, 2004). An exemplary scenario for this case is when a manager is to make a decision that is crucial to employees’ welfare in a company.

A good manager will always seek information and ideas on how to better the working conditions of the employees hence the decisions made will be quickly accepted as compared to a situation where there is no employee involvement. Also, in some cases the management is supposed to make a quick short-term decision. In such situation, the manager has to take an immediate action by ensuring that the decision is the best, and it is for the interest of every person in the organization. This is because the time for involving employees in giving an opinion is limited and the only avenue is for the leader to address the issue in good time for the common good of the organization and the workforce. Some managers can use this as a chance to make adverse decisions by not involving other stakeholders. However, for a modern society all decisions should be reached after considering the impact they may create in the business either positive or negative and am quite sure every manager needs positive results.

After making a …

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