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Social Networks and Typed Texts

Conceptual Statement

The object of inquiry of this assignment is Facebook as the first and currently the most popular social medium providing an opportunity for the creation of long coherent texts and giving immediate online responses to the texts created by others.

At present Facebook allows creation of profiles and public pages which are designed to host different types of content, and the very nature of Facebook opens access to this content for various users who can read and comment on them. Although this means for creating and disseminating meaningful texts was first intended to facilitate communication among people, it actually came to influence the way people create information messages and respond to them. This influence reflected both in the content of the messages and in the amount of connotation these messages carry (Jackson & Valentine 196).

Facebook is a virtual environment in which ideas of people from the whole world circulate and intersect, it is a huge network similar to a spider’s web or to the nervous system of humans. A touch on one end of it is perceived in the center or at the opposite end, and what occurs in its center influences its periphery. As each of mentioned systems, Facebook has its own system for creation and dissemination of texts/messages, and this system influences how we create texts. Besides, the environment makes us see this way of creating texts as the norm, no matter how we might to it in other conditions (Hayles 3-4). In order to inquire into this segment of influence Facebook exercises on people’s writing habits, I decided to investigate my own experience of creating texts in a word processor as a means close to traditional writing and to compare it to the way I operate with words in the Facebook environment. I explored some researchers on the topic of Facebook and its particularities as the exemplary social network and found ideas similar to mine supported by multiple respondents. It led me to conclude that what I feel and see is a trend and not just a play of imagination. I carefully observed how I set to write in MS Word environment and what I did to a typed text, and then observed my own behavior on Facebook and how I created texts there. I presented my observations in the form of the narration of ‘live report’ type so that to keep it as close to my personal experience and ideas as possible. Where I drew upon the works of others I provide references. I crafted the object of inquiry in this way because the growing number of researchers focus on the increasing role Facebook plays in the life of teens and adults, and these researchers demonstrate that Facebook actually influences writing habits …

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