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Criminal Justice 2 Questions & Answers

Question 1: Explain the difference between international terrorism and domestic terrorism. Describe an example of each.

FBI identifies international terrorism as an act or the complex of acts which are directed against the safety of a human group due to their social, religious or political position (The FBI, 2015). Such acts are always violating federal and state law and are intended to do a mass humiliation, assassination or kidnapping. International terrorism occurs primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of U.S. Situations with international terroristic groups conducting terrorism at the territory of U.S. are also considered to be international terrorism. Due to FBI, domestic terrorism is the same thing with the same purposes, conducted by the group of people within the U.S. jurisdiction (The FBI, 2015). Due to the fact that innocent people are dying and because of terrorism influence on people life and mental health, media and articles sometimes call it a New World War. The common purposes of terrorism are to affect a government or some group of people. An example of domestic terrorism conducted on religious background is Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre in August 5, 2012 (Henderson, 2015). An incident occurred by reason of Islamophobia after the horrifying events of 9.11, and was, in fact, racist. Terror of 9.11 is a scary example of international terrorism. It caused death of everyone who was onboard of 4 jets and loads of people in and out of towers in New York (Henderson, 2015). In his book, Terrorists declare their victory when they are actually dead and the maximum planned damage to human beings and government is done. The scariest thing is that only few times people responsible for terrors were found. U.S. is a constant target for terrorists because of their international affairs and positions.

Question 2: Please summarize the primary difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter.

Regarding voluntary manslaughter, briefly identify three examples of provocations recognized by the law as adequate, and identify a provocation recognized by the law as inadequate.First of all it should be told that both voluntary and involuntary manslaughter has the same result as murder, but considered to be conducted unintentionally. Difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter is not as big as both these acts are committed due to person being in high-emotional condition. The most common example of voluntary manslaughter is person killing his/her spouse or a lover when witnessing a betrayal. Thus the voluntary manslaughter can be identified as killing person in a rage or under the other strong emotion (Findlaw, 2015). Involuntary manslaughter tends to be committed due to the same reasons, but the victim in such situation is not the straight target of rage or other emotion. In such cases, a person who is under strong feelings simply can’t control its everyday actions (Findlaw, 2015). He/she may not have a desire to kill, but due to stress, person creates a dangerous environment which leads to death of other people (very often victims …

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