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Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is comprised of various agencies and processes that were established by governments in order to control crime when it occurs and impose various penalties on the people who violate the different laws that are in the constitution of a country. In the USA, the criminal justice system does not operate as a single entity; instead, there are many similar systems that operate as individual systems. The criminal justice system in an area functions in respect to the jurisdiction that is in charge in that area i.e. the city, county, state federal or even the tribal government (David Neubauer, 2010).

One needs to note that; the different jurisdictions that are in the country have different laws, and ways in which, they are able to manage their criminal justice processes. However, the main criminal systems in the country are: state criminal justice systems that deal with crimes that have been committed within the state boundaries. There is also the federal criminal system that deals with crimes that have been committed on federal property, or crimes that have taken place in more than one state. An ideal criminal justice system is comprised of the following five components: law enforcement, the prosecution, defense attorneys, the courts, and the correction facilities (Anthony Hooper, 2012).

Description of the Crime.

On August 15, 2011, at approximately 1.08 p.m. police were called to respond to reports of shots that had been fired at a residence at Lawrence Road in Reading. When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they found Joseph Ronan, 22 with multiple gunshots on his body, and they pronounced him dead at that scene. The shooter in this case was John Burke, 26, a resident of Revere who was visiting his grandfather at the time of the shooting. The police conducted an immediate investigation to determine the circumstances that led to the shooting and the death of Joseph Ronan (Fox-News, 2011).

Based on their investigation, they came to learn that the defendant had made arrangements to meet with the victim, under the pretext that he wanted to purchase a Percocet pill. However, when the victim arrived, the defendant shot him three times because he believed that he had been involved in the robbery at his Revere apartment in April 2011 (Boston, 2013). Process that the Offender Will Go ThroughIncident, Investigation and ArrestIn this case, the police responded to reports that there were shots fired at Reading residential area. Upon their arrival, the police found the victim, Joseph Ronan with multiple gunshots, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Upon conducting their investigations, the police established that a Revere resident, John Burke shot the victim. The police were able to relate the offender to the crime that had taken place, and therefore, it was within their right, to arrest and detain the offender as they conducted more investigations (Falk, 2010).

After the police arrested John Burke, they informed him of his rights, …

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