Critical Analysis and reflection on the article “The People Who Make Organizations Go – or Stop” essay sample

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Article review

This paper reviews an article titled “The People Who Make Organizations Go – or Stop” by Rob Cross and Laurence Prusak, published in Harvard Business Review magazine in June 2002, volume 80, issue 6 on pages 104-112.

Authors critically investigated the problem of informal networks in contemporary organizations, which was discussed as an emerging trend contrary to the hierarchical communication principles acknowledged among large business structures. Cross and Prusak specified that the strength of informal networks could have both positive and, adversely, negative effect on a single organization depending on the roles existent inside the network and the burden placed over these roles compared to their primary job responsibilities. They insist, however, that treating informal networks as a part of organizational business structures is critical since it enhances the effectiveness of internal communications and thus the speed of making critical decisions.

Authors identified four critical roles based on the analysis of more than 50 large organizations in various business sectors and classified them as central connectors, boundary spanners, information brokers and peripheral specialists. They suggested that organizations should use social network analysis methodology to identify these types of people inside their operational structures, an approach which views the social structure of defined individuals as an interpersonal network, where nodes are defined as actors of the network, and links are relationships between the actors.


Rob Cross and Laurence Prusak, “The People Who Make Organizations Go – or Stop”, Harvard Business Review magazine, June 2002, volume 80, issue 6 …

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