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Critical Thinking

1) Some people can discourage us from thinking critically over their assertions because they either benefit from that. For instance, governments around the world cultivate such phenomenon as patriotism. If you critically think it over, there is no point of being proud of the fact that you had been born on a particular territory. It was not your personal choice. You could not change it. But to unite the population in order to make the control over the population easier, governments maintain the idea that belonging to a certain “nation” is a virtue.

2) Most challenging situations for implementing critical thinking belong to the sphere of personal relationships and conflicts with my folks in particular. The surge of emotions I feel during those situations interrupts cognitive processes driving me to behave spontaneously and without realizing the objective lie of the land.

3) My advice for improvement of critical thinking implementation is to develop a habit of question everything you face. Always try to think of more possible explanations, points of view etc. and the reasons why only certain ones were presented. Also, you need to get used to regularly question even your own thoughts and positions. Were they accepted or developed on your own will or maybe they were imposed on you from outside? Or maybe they were accepted unconsciously under the influence of emotions and not as the result of informed

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