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Cultural Competence in Healthcare

Providing quality services to ethnic minorities is still an urgent issue in the national healthcare industry. The cultural competence of health care providers improves patient attitude toward treatment and self-care. This conclusion was drawn by Gaston (2013), and the research findings were summarized in African-Americans’ Perceptions of Health Care Provider Cultural Competence That Promote HIV Medical Self-Care and Antiretroviral Medication Adherence.

The cross-sectional, exploratory descriptive study was conducted at the Ruth Rothstein CORE Center in Chicago, Illinois, and included 202 HIV-positive African-American patients who were asked to assess their attitude to self-care using the self-care symptom management for people living with HIV/AIDS categorical scale. Despite a comparatively small sample size and high contextualization, the study provides valuable insights into the role of cultural competence in the healthcare industry. It also encourages further discussion of cultural competence inpatient treatment.One of the questions that are proposed to discuss is the scope of training aimed to improve the cultural competence of health care providers working with HIV-positive patients. Although Gaston (2013) suggests the relationship between a physician’s cultural competence and a patient’s attitude to self-care, she does not specify training activities boosting the former. Throughout this discussion, it is proposed to consider cultural competence guidelines, seminars, workshops, and role play as a way to improve cultural competence among healthcare providers. Another issue to discuss approaches to assessing cultural competence of health care providers.

In the study, Gaston (2013) relies only on self-reported data, which cannot evidently provide a comprehensive assessment of health care providers’ cultural competence. The discussion is expected to involve on-setting observations, interviews with stakeholders, and surveys.


Gaston, G. B. (2013). African-Americans’ perceptions of health care provider cultural competence that promote HIV medical self-care and antiretroviral medication adherence. AIDS Care, 25(9), …

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