Culture Analysis Between The People's Republic of China and Singapore essay sample

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Personal perception of the Chinese business culture
Chinese business etiquette
Singapore business etiquette


Understanding of business etiquette across cultures is very important. Knowledge about the right business code ensures that people will reach success when doing business with representatives of another culture (Buxey, 2000). Contrary to it, when people do not follow business etiquette, it is unlikely that they will become successful in a different cultural environment. It is clear that cultures vary in terms of their verbal and nonverbal styles of communication. This means that people from different cultures interpret words and gestures in a different way. The same concerns seating arrangements, speaking volume, postures and other similar issues. It is not possible to conduct business in the same fashion around the world. It is commonly admitted that success of international managers largely depends on effective cross-cultural communication which is governed by business etiquette (Okoro, 2012). Having a counterpart from another culture presumes knowing and respecting the customs of business conduct in his culture. This is important because it allows to avoid unintentionally offences which prevent business development within the culture. As a result, business competitiveness is currently defined as an ability to communicate and negotiate across cultures in order to achieve the set objectives. I have experience dealing with Chinese people for business purposes. I have always perceived them as superstitious and vague. Personally for me, it has been always difficult to negotiate with Chinese. I could not reach conclusions with them. On one hand, they demonstrated their interest in mutual business. On the other hand, they never gave me an exact decision. This essay is build as follows. I firstly overview my personal experience with Chinese. I further analyze Chinese and Singapore business etiquette. After this, I conclude about my personal perception of the Chinese business culture.

Personal perception of the Chinese business culture

I have always thought that Chinese and Singaporeans have a very different approach to business conduct. From my experience, Chinese are always very slow and can never say their final decisions. Singaporeans are more precise and usually move much faster. I have always felt superior to the Chinese culture. I had several rationalities behind. Firstly, Chinese private sector is very underdeveloped and regulated. Singapore is more business-oriented country, with many Western influences. Secondly, China is still a communist driven country, where the government is the final decisive body when it comes to large deals. Thirdly, people in China think very long prior to making any decision. In my opinion, this creates many obstacles because not all opportunities in business are long-lasting. Almost all of my negotiations with Chinese people ended in zero outcome. I have spent a lot of time and efforts discussing various opportunities with Chinese. They expressed initial interest, came to the meetings, participated in discussions, posed questions and …

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