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Current Events


The society today is characterized by many activities that affect not only an individual but also the entire society. Besides, there are decisions that also influence those made by others. Of critical importance is the fact that these decisions need to have an ethical standpoint. There are a lot of unethical happenings that are currently being witnessed in the global markets. For instance, there is a lack of privacy on the web, there are issues with regulations on personal data in some countries, the issues relating to spam and lastly computer-based crimes (Du Preez, 2009). This paper seeks to analyze some of the unethical digital issues affecting multinational corporations.


According to Faunce, (2009) one fundamental issue of concern is privacy on the web. It is lacking. A lot of information is leaking to the public especially when an account is hacked. Corporations have lost critical data and pieces of information and sometimes, these pieces of information have ended up landing in the hands of their competitors. As a result, there is a need to safeguard the information belonging to an organization by having necessary backups and even limiting the number of people who can access such information.Besides, regulations regarding personal data and reports relating to personal data privacy have also created a loophole for unethical practices in the cyber world. Different countries have different laws and legislation relating to what information should be given to the public and that which should be considered private (Faunce, 2009). For instance, in the European Union, there are laws that touch on website privacy policies as well as personal data privacy. However, this is very crucial since e-business is on the rise in the global economy.Again is the issue of spam. It is considered unethical to send emails to people who hardly know you. Much of such emails are usually treated as spam. They are indeed a nuisance since they become a backlog and as such are difficult to read and respond to each one of them.

Appropriate legislation should be put in place to ensure that cyber rules are adhered to.Computer-based crimes are also on the rise (Faunce, 2009). Most importantly is molestation through the internet. The reason these occur is because there is the internet everywhere and when kids, particularly, are not restricted in how far they can go using the internet then they stand a chance of being victims of cyber molestation. Other that instituting proper legislation there is a need to educate the public on ethical standards expected in cyber.Curtis Brown of Philosophy and Computation from Trinity University breaks down the consequentialism theory as it relates to each involved; first, by what is best for the agent ‘ethical egoism’, and second, for everyone affected ‘utilitarianism’. In this case, the key individuals all display consequentialism behaviors, specifically about ethical egoism, as each person made decisions based on what was best and beneficial for themselves believing …

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