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Death Scenario

The suggested case gives an opportunity to consider the meaning of life through facing with its final moments. Although each life is believed to have a definite meaning, most people postpone reflecting on it until unspecified time. They think that their life will be long enough, and they will have multiple opportunities to think about living it meaningfully. I believe that many people facing with a deadly threat feel very surprised that the final moment of their life has approached so fast, and there is no time to change anything. In this paper, I would like to reflect on the scenario suggested in Positive Psychology to identify the essence of living a meaningful life. In order to accomplish this goal, I will speculate on handling the final moments and whether traumatic events can be opportunities for growth. While examining these issues, I want to prove that extreme events taking place in one’s life are the litmus test of one’s attitude to it. Depending on the attitude, one views traumatic events as an insurmountable obstacle or an opportunity for growth.

Findings oneself in a room on fire is a terrifying experience. Evidently, the most awful thing to realize is that there is no way out, and these are the final minutes of your life. It is impossible to state with confidence how one would handle with the final moments, locked in the room. I though suggest that two opposite reactions to the situation are possible. On the one hand, a downtrodden victim would likely feel numb. The fear would bind his actions, and he would face with death motionlessly. On the other hand, it is possible that a party to this terrible scenario would fiercely fight for life. If I were locked in the room, I would likely take all possible steps, even the meaningless, to save my life. I would somehow feel that taking such actions, for example scrapping the window frame, would save me from death. I would believe that death receded before active and life-loving people.I although believe that finding oneself in a deadly room is a point where one finally finds time to reflect on life. I had an opportunity to meet people who were once at the verge of death, and they shared their experience with me.

Regardless of the situation, all of them noted that they had a moment when their whole life passed before their eyes like footage. They recalled both pleasant and tragic moments, and remember emotions they had some time ago. Some of these emotions were even more vivid when compared to the time an individual felt them for the first time. I remember a woman, an inveterate careerist, who said that she felt a sharp sadness because she realized that she did not spend enough time with her daughter. The experiences shared by these people make me think that finding myself locked in a burning room would be a time when I realized that my life was marked …

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