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Dental Service Solution

To start with let us consider conditions of desirable system application. This will enable us to shape up communication network requirements to use them during designing process. After dental company merging with another medical facility and expanding number of staff there is a strong necessity of implementation of a modern fast and reliable network in order to make accessible communication among doctors.

Since the new built medical facility will involve presence of certain number of mobile dentist there is a need in providing them with access to this network as well (Bar-Noy, 1996). In order to satisfy these requirements current network should be wireless and possess with maximum availability to be able to get in touch with patients or let patients to make feedback call if any need. Having defined general type of the network let us move on to another important feature to be considered. Coverage area is one of the most significant and sustainable characteristics of any designed and modern network.

Talking about our case, there is no possibility to outline certain limits of working area besides the borders of the city. In its turn it means that our network should allow its users being able to conduct calls and operating inside of this system at least inside of this town. Furthermore, it requires examination of system application within these limits without any problems or difficulties (Mathar, 1996). But another thing that should be taken into account is future development and expansion of service area of operation, thus network should possess with possibility of being flexible for its improvements and farther application without implementation of sustainable changes (Dressler, 2011).

The next extremely critical question consists in the type of application that is going to be used on user’s and client’s sides. Answer to this question will solve the problem of compatibility and allow preventing from sudden situations when operating system. In case if there is any already existed infrastructure it is possible to reduce expenses using this devices and working network’s working elements (Makki, 1996). To satisfy requirement set by HIPAA in order to prevent from disclosing information there is solid need in appropriate measures. If possible, cite existing corporate wireless security policies.

Another way is application of encryption and authentication of all client devices.

Designed telecommunications network includes next elements:

1. Terminals for using network;

2. Computers that process information;

3. Telecommunications links that form a channel sending information;

4. Telecommunications equipment that facilitates to transmit data;

5. Telecommunications software that controls process from general perspective.Such approach will allow implementing flexible and easily customizable system. Absence of complex nodes and its required easy approach in servicing defines it as being reliable and commonly used.


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