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Description of MyTwo Favorite Places

One of my favorite places in Phoenix is Pizza Studio, situated in the vibrant downtown, on the crossroad of W. Washington Street and 1st Ave and Jefferson Street.

The location of Pizza Studio induces a gleaming impression in a person, who approaches from any side of the city on a sunny day, watching the sandy-colored architectural ensemble of the Government District, which contrasts with greenery of accurately arranged trees and blue depth of the clear sky. The low tone and moderate roaring of the traffic on W. Washington Street bring the sense of being in the city with the high tempo of life and never-ending movement. As one approaches the crossroad from the east the multistoried building of United Healthcare is visible far away at the background while the curious curve of a sculptural arrangement, made of stainless steel, attracts person’s attention. Behind the sculpture, a neatly organized boulevard can be seen. It is filled with garden beds and busy people walking along.

As you move hundred steps further down the W. Washington Street you approach the entrance to the Pizza Studio. As soon as you enter the building, the smell of pizza immediately draws you upstairs to the source of this olfactory mix comprising different kinds of meat, baked dough, cheese, pesto sauce and juicy vegetables. The space of Pizza Studio is filled with light, as all the walls are made of glass, so the visitor is able to continue experiencing the gleaming and pleasantly contrasting environment of the Government District driven by tireless activity of the downtown. The people around are enjoying their time in the comfortable soft seats and tasty pizza, which they are able to design according to their preferences. A massive two-layer pizza and a glass of fresh juice is what I usually enjoy for about an hour, commonly in the company of my friends, sensing the rhythmic swing of the heart of Phoenix.

My other favorite place, comforting and quiet Potbelly Sandwich Shop, is also situated in the downtown, 1 East Washington Street in the lower part of the United Healthcare multistoried building. I like to approach this place from the S. Central Avenue through the stairs near the building of JoS. A. Bank. In is very enjoyable to walk along the stairs, which seen to ascend in the direction of the sky with trees and flowers on each side of the way. It is always possible to smell the scents of the vegetation in spite of the fact that you are in the noisy downtown with cars circulating forth and forward all the time. In the end of the stairs it is impossible not to notice a rusty iron sculpture with rust flow down the graphite pedestal.

As you turn to the left you immediately appear at the entrance to Potbelly Sandwich Shop. The dim light of the interior makes it a comforting resort to …

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