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Client Need Analysis

Instructional Activity
Gather and Review job descriptions
Compare Industry Standards
Identify Training Gaps
Problems Faced By Employees in Achieving Standards
Identify Solutions
Calculate Cost and Time Required for Training
Benefits Achieved From Training
Measuring Effectiveness of Training
e-Learn Initiative
Job Fair/Hiring Event Initiative

Client Need Analysis

The target group is this situation is all employees, both management and non-management personnel. Each employee has a responsibility to provide the best customer service so that each client leaves completely satisfied and will be willing to return to that particular store to shop. While each employee has an individual responsibility to provide exceptional customer service, certain employees have the potential of a lasting impact on the client. Employees such as front-end employees, like door greeters, helper clerks, and cashiers, have the most opportunity for lasting customer service satisfaction. Receiving better, more in-depth, training on how to better interact with clients could go a long way in achieving higher customer service scores (Bartram, & Gibson. 2000).


To compare industry standards and identify training gaps that should be addressed. To ensure employees and management understand the long term value and profitability of e-learning.

Instructional Activity.

Gather and Review job descriptions.

An important part of the needs assessment is identifying individual position job descriptions and compare it to what is going on in store on a daily basis. An update to these roles and responsibilities may be necessary to accommodate better customer and store needs. A few small adjustments to duties may be enough to bump up customer satisfaction a few base points (Bartram, & Gibson. 2000).

Compare Industry Standards

While doing a need assessment, it is important to know what the industry standards or average is for each need/issue measured so you can set appropriate goals. These requirements include certain financial measurements like sales and profits, customer satisfaction scores, and employee turnover rates. Identify Training Gaps. One way to assess some of the training gaps is to poll affected stores employees on their daily assigned duties as compared to what the company has listed as responsibilities. Another way to identify any training gaps is to reassess company policies that dictate customer interactions (such as breaking down a larger package of hamburger into a smaller amount for a client who doesn’t want the full amount). Policies like this indicate a knowledge gap and may also be corrected by additional training. Problems Faced By Employees in Achieving Standards. According to Bartram, & Gibson (2000), sometimes problems arise that negatively impacts on customer service, and in turn sales, that is correctable and teachable using training and coaching. These problems may include an employee being unfamiliar with company policy, products, or not having received enough quality orientation training upon initial employment. These can …

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