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Developing Hypothetical Designs


The research problem at hand, just like all research problems requires an explicit solution born out a brilliant hypothetical platform. The hypothetical platform applied in any research makes up for the technical problems that may arise during the conceptual study that a researcher applies during the planning stages of a research study. Thus, every researcher must get the hypothetical design part of the study right (Denzin and Lincoln, 2000). The pinpoint accuracy associated with the hypothetical design stage sends impacts to all the other forthcoming stages and vice versa.

The hypothetical platform adapted for each research differs in execution and conception, but the main approaches applicable can only possess either a quantitative, qualitative or a mixture of the two approaches. The qualitative method refers to the collection of all the major and minor approaches that rely on measurements of the quality of phenomena. In fact, many studies base themselves on this kind of approaches. For instance, a research study on the comfort of given automobile will in most cases base on quantifiers that present data and measurements regarding what any individual partaking the case study feels. The requirement will most likely be that of filling in questionnaires on the various benchmark traits that represent comfort, in an automobile. Hence, this means that this kind of research aims at seeking a range of answers to certain specific questions. With the answers, opinions, behaviors, and other individual perspectives are gathered and applied in the study. On the other hand, quantitative research is more concerned by the measurements that indicate the quantity of phenomena. In these type of studies, we may have studies seeking to establish the specific causes of global warming in different regions that form part of the case study.

Lastly, there are research studies that use a mixture both approaches (qualitative and quantitative). As Given (2008), notes, most studies adopt a mixture of both approaches because there are certain attributes vital to a study but are statistically unquantifiable. Whereas, in the same study, the researcher will still stumble in some attributes demanding a purely statistical approach. The research problem of increasing social skills using tangible reinforcements is one such case where both approaches become pertinent. A research problem relating to an increase of social skills using social reinforces bears a dynamic set of approaches to it. For instance, the researcher may decide to use either a qualitative approach or quantitative approach. Each of these approaches is independently applicable, and the study would still be as conclusive as possible. Qualitative Hypothetical DesignGiven, (2008) recognizes that, from a qualitative approach perspective, the methods applied here do not consist of any broad statistical analysis.

Common practice indicates that the most applicable data collection technique in a qualitative study design is the administration of questionnaires though there are other additional techniques applicable. As earlier stated, the type of phenomena this study approach delves into is mostly befitting to the open-ended questions approach as a form of data collection. As a researcher, the main …

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