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Science &Evolution of UniverseName of StudentInstitution affiliationScience & Evolution of UniverseIn accordance with given example for consideration and taking into account specified conditions, it is possible to evaluate who will exert greater force on the other. In order to do that, it is necessary to address to the second Newton’s Law, it can be expressed in the next form:Where, - is object’s mass, - acceleration and- external force applied to an object. Thus, it says that external force applied to an objects is equal to the mass of an object multiplied by the acceleration. On the other hand it is possible to represent external force through the next expression, where is known as impulse. Basing on this assertion it is necessary to apply to the definition of impulse. Impulse, which is denoted as can be also written in the form of the integral of a force, over the time interval, for which it acts. Since it has the same nature as, it is also a vector. Where, - is an object’s mass, - initial and final object’s velocities. Now, it is possible to apply this information for given case. Since each of the vehicle has its own mass and velocity (in this case), consequently, each of them has own value of impulse. This picture represents the collision between two vehicles. Сonsidering that mass of the car is less than mass of the truck and following information above it may be concluded that truck will exert greater force than a car, because . …
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