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ANSWER THE DISCUSSION QUESTIONSStudent’s NameInstitution AffiliationDISCUSSION QUESTIONSChallenges in Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Cause and effect essay is more than often an analysis essays which subject the writer to explain the cause and effect of a particular scenario of event. The author has a responsibility to identify sufficient cause of a particular and issues and explain it to the audience in the simplest way they can understand. Writers face quite a number of challenges in developing a causes and effect essay some of which are discussed belowPost Hoc FallaciesA post hoc fallacy is where the writer in the event of explaining the cause and effect of a particular issue may try to base his or her arguments on assumptions (Shields, 2010). An example of post hoc fallacy may occur in the event an author assumes that a particular person is poor because he not well educated. This reasoning might be because one cause of poverty is lack of education. The connection between the two events is false due to the fact that it is equality possible that the might be well educated but fails to used his acquired knowledge excel in life. For instance, the man could have been a terrible drunkard in the past. Post hoc fallacy is easily identified by critical readers hence might degrade your work. Organization of the cause and effect essayAs opposed to descriptive essay which primarily deals reporting order of events in a chronological format, cause and effect requires a well-structured organization. The author must be in a position to clearly bring out to the readers how different parts and sequences are connected and how they interact over time. The author must clearly identify the reasons cause or event of the events. You also need to organize your work in a manner that clearly reflects the specific logic in your analysis. This is quite a challenge to authors since one event might leads to different effect. The use of jargons Cause and effect essay should be presented in the simplest language that the audience is familiarized with. Nonetheless, this is often a challenge to authors especially in the field of sciences where some vocabularies related to the field have no synonyms.Two ways of creating a comparison and contrast essay The primary purpose of comparison and contrast essay is to present an analysis of the similarities of differences of a particular factor.One way to create good compare or contrast essay is to choose two subjects which can be easily compared or contrasted in the most meaningful way. The subjects should not be too much similar in the sense that they cannot contrasted in case of contrast. They should also not be too different in the sense that one cannot find any similarity in them in case of comparison (Ni’mah, L, 2012). Another way to come up with a compare or contrast essay is to have a well-organized body paragraph which preferably should be based on point by point comparison (Ni’mah, L, 2012). Your …
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