Displacing Reality or Challenging the Truth essay sample

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Displacing Reality or Challenging the Truth

The movie “Matrix” is American-Australian science fiction action film was written and directed by the Wachowskis in 1999, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Joe Pantoliano. In a nutshell, the plot concerns and describes the future as a dystopia, where humanity is doomed to exist in virtual reality provided by program called “Matrix” in order to support machines and their functionality, whilst in a real world whole life being used separately as an energy sources and connected to the system that generated and stored energy and heat from their bodies and brain electrical activity for its own purposes. Program that emulated reality for people who were connected to Matrix as a control facility included itself subprogram called “Agent Smith” that took care about correctness of Matrix work and debugged any occurring instances to prevent them from program run properly.

Once, main character, named Neo, programmer in Matrix life, finds out about the real life from rebels who lives in non-simulated reality and decides join them becomes so-called “chosen” and a leader to everyone who has ever been awoken from Matrix life to begin final insurrection and finish war between survived humanity living underground and reigning machines. Evolved distorted Agent Smith’s program realization of its presence target in Matrix considerably impact on further steps Neo should overtake to come up with solution to protracted standoff.Similarity between prisoners being trapped and hold in the cave and humankind being kept in Matrix can be noticed on many levels simultaneously. Actually, the main common feature that should be pointed is that neither prisoners from the cave, nor people that existed in Matrix didn’t know about presence of real world. Both realities were only poor copies with shadows fulfilling the cave, which were described as imaginary phantom creatures, whose voices and actions were nothing more than echoes and projections of casted shadows by fire that, in addition, no one has even ever seen. The parallel direction of occurring events takes place during considering Matrix world and its inhabitants, who exists at certain moment and under strict unambiguous rules. If in a cave parallel thread fire represents a creator of deceptive surrounding then in Matrix with higher global complexity to outwit perception machine sophisticated virtual system is being used.

Regarding Neo at the first sight it may seem that his character implies nothing particular but even having scoped not so deep and looking at the surface definition of his character it clears up that except the fact that he was told by Morpheus about being slave and not only with his body chained but his mind as well he stars fighting and struggling in attempts to rebuild his perception and understanding of things, which has been surrounding him entire life. Being one of the millions who were under control he represented a link of a chain connected into global consequent system established in order to conduct constant observation and keep everyone obeyed. Another outstanding feature …

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