Diversity in Organization’s Success and The Leader’s Awareness of Emotional Intelligence essay sample

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Diversity in Organization’s Success

The diversity is important for organizational success, since it helps an organization to get different ideas, find out the needs of different groups of population and their attitude towards the organizational product, and improves communication in the organization.

First of all, the diversity in the organization allows collecting opinions and ideas of people who belong to different cultural and social groups. It gives an opportunity to the organization to view the problem on different sides and combine the ideas. For example, by creating the design of a product, a company may combine western and eastern motifs in order to make a product more attractive for customers.

In conditions of business globalization, it is necessary to know the peculiarities of different cultures and their needs for adjustment of the products to different cultural and social groups. Thus, in order to open a net of fast food in China or Japan, an American company should understand the people’s preferences in these countries.

Finally, the knowledge of peculiarities of different cultures and social groups helps avoid misunderstanding at the workplace and improve communication between the employees. The main ramifications to an organization if said organization does not practice diversity management are: Failure in penetration of different branches of market;Lack of variety in products, sales, and promotion ideas; Failure in creation a strong work team, since its employees will not see themselves as a part of organization poor performance of employees; Discrimination at workplace; Quarrels and misunderstanding between the employees.

According to Robbins, job satisfaction is a “positive feeling about one’s job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics” (2014, p. 70). One of the examples of the factors that contribute to job satisfaction that impact attitude and diversity in organizations is creating a strong company’s culture which takes into account the interests of all employees and organization. The other example is adjusting to working conditions to needs of the employees. For example, flexible work hours and opportunity to work at home will benefit employees’ job satisfaction with disabilities or workers with small children.

The leader’s awareness of emotional intelligence

The leader’s awareness of emotional intelligence helps him perceive his own emotions and emotions of other people. It also allows leaders to regulate their own emotions. With reference to Robbins, emotional intelligence is “the ability to detect and to manage emotional cues and information” (2014, p.104). Thus, a leader who realizes that an employee is upset with something will not insist on the continuation of the conversation. He will wait while an employee copes with his emotions and calm down.

Besides, if a leader proposes his help to an employee at this moment, he will be able to improve the relationship with an employee and achieve better results in the development a strong team at the workplace. If a leader is aware that he is angry, he will leave a definite situation for avoiding the conflict and delay the conversation for …

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