Does Iran have the right of having nuclear technology? essay sample

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Does Iran have the right of having nuclear technology?

Atomic energy has been in the center of attention in the global community after World War II and occurrence of atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many years after the nuclear tragedy, when people were getting used to leave in harmony with atomic energy, which was at that time considered to be the safest way of producing electricity, Chernobyl explosion occurred.

Chernobyl disaster has buried the expectations for safe nuclear technology. Later in 21st century, another explosion occurred in another nuclear power plant in Japan named Fukushima, which has accelerated developing a global fear of nuclear technologies. Nowadays there is a global public discussion about the Iran’s nuclear technology. One party argues that this country should not be allowed to develop nuclear technologies. The other party supports the idea that Iran should have the rights for the nuclear program development as any other subject of the global community. Both sides have various arguments, which need to be thoroughly considered until any decision could be made.

Historical Backgrounds of Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran has become a threat to the global community when Iranian regime started supporting Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrian fighters against Israel (as a part of their project of exporting the Islamic Revolution). Radical and extreme positions against west put Iran in focal point on every movement all around the world and especially in middle-east.

Pros and Cons of Iran’s Nuclear Program

The proponents of the Iranian nuclear program argue that the Iran never supported terrorist since the inception. As stated by Council on Foreign Relations, the the country never supported terrorists since the tragic event of 9/11 (2015). It is argued that there is no registered support of the terrorists by Iran. Another argument of proponents of Iran’s nuclear technology development is the peaceful direction of Iran’s nuclear program. As stated at, the country’s effort is aimed at developing the quality of life of the citizens (2015). The nuclear energy for peaceful purposes can develop the region economics and allow the people of the region to lead a better way of life. Another argument in favor of the Iran’s nuclear program is that nuclear power is ecologically friendly as argued by (2014). The nuclear program will make Iran a more environmentally friendly country, which will contribute to the global ecological programs. The opponents of the idea to give possibilities to Iran to develop nuclear technologies also have reasonable arguments. First of all they mention the fact that Iran has been always supporting the conglomerates against the western culture. As argued by Mosca, Iran can become an associate of Russia in the opposition again western countries (2014). This can break the balance in the world, bringing the threat of nuclear war.

Another argument by the opponents is that Iran does not need to develop nuclear peaceful technology, as there are better options for energy …

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