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Dry Docking Facilities

Summary of the emergency repair, the work required and constraints

The MVC shipping company conduct a dry-docking assessment for its liners after every five years. I was however on site for the dry-docking of the MV15, an 100,770 ton commercial ship. This is part of the five year dry-docking process that assess the general condition of the ship. The assessment includes the electrical systems, the generator, oil condition and engine funs as well. The reality is that commercial liners such as the MV15 require emergency repairs at least every two years to perform a comprehensive assessment of the ship and conduct necessary maintenance. Ultimately, the emergency of the ship should meet the expectations of the investor, classification society and assure the safety, reliability and proficient vessel operation. The issue of safety comes in handy for any repairs.In reality, this extensive repair can only take place on a buoyant ship. Even though inevitable these types of services represent a phase of loss of earnings for any ship owner. It is, therefore, critical for the vessel downtime to be kept at the bare minimum and that conducted work offers the shipowner return-on-investments.

While on site for the assessment, I noticed that the generator and the electrical system were being overhauled, so I have incorporated this task in the scenario. Time was the main limiting factor when in terms of changing the generator and the electrical system as it eat on the available time for the survey. Moreover, the availability of personnel and resources for various tasks halted the assessment. For instance, winches were required to lift the generator, again, the required personnel for the job came late. Another constraint was the slating and painting of the casing because the exterior assessment was expected to coincide with this. Another impediment is that while dry-docking is a normal operation in the marine industry, it comes at a heavy cost owing to major repairs conducted in a short period. It constitutes an elementary part of marine vessels impacting safety and involves detailed planning, preparation, and stringent project cost management by competent individuals. Mini plan identifying the tasks and sequence

For any vessel to maintain class license while adhering to operational specifications, it should undergo dry-docking after 5 years so as to renew the license. In scenarios such as collision or damage, the ship can go for unplanned dry docking refurbish. The primary goal of conducting dry docking is to make sure that vessels are not only functional but also retain their class license. Structural tools, as well as different parts, are subject to inspection and maintenance to guarantee that they are aquatic worthiness. In addition, dry docking is vital in cases where the vessel is faulty as a result of grounding, collision or other damages that impact its integrity to the hull.Moreover, the supervisor is required to check a document entailing all repair activities with the help of the Shipboard Control Team and applicable suggestions made concerning the quality and competency of the works. …

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