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Dunkin’ Donuts InefficienciesName of StudentInstitution affiliationAbstractThis report is dedicated to the analysis and assessment of the core underlying issues of inefficacy in the Biloxi Dunkin’ Donuts. The first part represents the SWOT analysis of the Biloxi Dunkin' Donuts; the second part is dedicated to the research of both advantages and disadvantages of franchising a Dunkin' Donuts as a possible cause for the inefficiencies (such as like possible poor ownership and poor management); the third part refers to the potential supply chain problems – as the potential cause of the inefficiencies and the fourth part is dedicated to the possible low employee morale that may be the cause of the inefficiencies. Key words: inefficiency, supply chin, franchiser, quality of services, Dunkin’ Donuts InefficienciesINTRODUCTIONLargely positive year has been experienced by Dunkin Brands in 2014, since there was a challenging food distribution environment for this business entity. While the share-price expansion in 2014 was not impressive, from an operational perspective, this company has been able to expand in advance with the broader industry. In numerical representation, this expansion has reached 5% (almost $750 million) over the 2014 term. The internationally renowned business has expected the huge return from its brand Baskin-Robbins as well as the high rates of the single-digit growth from its units of Dunkin Donuts, located abroad. It is possible to assume that the company has succeeded in managing the headwinds, which are inherent to its industry.This company has the potential of delivering the long-term value amongst the set of the challenges, which involve the increased competition in such categories as coffee and breakfast, harsh weather conditions and the economic pressure, which is issued on the families with low- to middle- income rates.Still, there is a set of the aspects, which may be noticed by fellow citizen, they have potential of decreasing the efficiency of this business entity: –improper service, lack of the items, offered in menu, durable timeframe, needed to be served in the chain of fast food, violation of health norms by the staff etc. SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE BILOXI DUNKIN' DONUTSIn order to understand the major inefficiencies and their underlying issues, which have been noticed, while doing business at Biloxi Dunkin Donut, the SWOT analysis of the Biloxi Dunkin' Donuts would be performed.StrengthsThe major strengths are the following: recognition of the brand and convenience of the services – as they are claimed by the top management of this company.Brand Recognition: Biloxi Dunkin' Donuts has the strong geographic coverage. The product line has more than 1,000 doughnut products. The Dunkin Donuts is referred as one of the most recognized quick-service restaurants in the global scales. The tag line of the company “America runs on Dunkin” means that the customers represent the high rate of loyalty for its bagels, pastries, coffee and muffins. Convenience: it is attributed to providing the clients with the time-saving option though the storefront offers. Such option is highly appreciated by the clients during breakfast hours. There are the drive-up services in the set of locations …
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