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Ecological Autobiography

Everyone remembers some events from his childhood. Moreover, memories about unpleasant events (for example, quarrels and scuffles) are usually remembered better than enjoyable moments. Psychologists consider that childhood can seriously impact on the further life of individual. As for me, my first memories relate to the age of 3 years. It was walk with my parents through the park. A lot of my memories are associated with the attachment to my parents.

Typically, attachment can be divided into attachment to the things or objects and to people. All attachments have the psychological nature. The base of attachment is desire to contact with the object or person for the feeling of comfort or security.It is possible to identify several groups of people who play role of the authority for children. There are parents and siblings, caregivers and teachers, peers and friends. Usually children of different nationalities, races and religions can study at schools or other educational institutions together. So it was in my school. But children don’t pay attention to above mentioned aspects than adults. At the same time, child’s opinion is shaped by influence of parents largely. As a rule, the impact of the family to the child is stronger than other educational influences. With the ages it is weakened but never completely is lost. The family provides the socialization of the individual. The last one becomes a concentrated expression of the familial efforts on the child-rearing. Thus, the main responsibility of the family is to raise the child as a citizen, patriot, family man and a law-abiding member of the society. It is defined the objective pattern that formation and development of the child’s personality depends on the character of the rearing in the family. The importance of this pattern is caused by that family not only determines behavior, quality and lifestyle of the particular child, but also defines the social structure and the character of public life on the whole.

Children begin to form their attachments quickly when they move out from family to the kindergarten, school and the society at large. The friendship appears with the peers through the games. Peers are the important aspect of the child’s life. In particular for me, the classmates and football team played the significant role in my childhood. It should be noted that being among peers child is opened for many risks. Some risk factors can be more powerful than others at particular stages of development. For example, it can be the peer pressure in adolescence. In this situation it is important to change the balance between protective and risk factors in favor of the first ones. The peer groups influence development of my socializing skills. Early friendship helped me negotiate and relate to others in my childhood. Also it is important to cooperate and socialize in accordance with the group standards and models of behavior. Thus, peer group may affect what the child knows, eats, wears or learns. I have identified the next risk factors from my childhood. …

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