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Research Paper on Relationship

Research paper question:What is the nature--the essence--of the kind of love that exists between two people who meet and become significant others or spouses, and how should it be expressed to make these relationships endure

Thesis: It is easy to fall in love with others, however, keep this romantic relationship endure is not as easy as we thought. Several things could be pretty necessary, if we want keep this wonderful relationship with our lover for a long time, such as trust, protect and respect.

Targeted reader group: All the adult people who married or want to married in the future, and the people who want to have a endure love relationship with their lover.

Purpose: To encourage people think more deeply about love. Then give some advice to the people who wish their love or marriage endure, and even help some people who may meeting troubles with their lover.

The Article: For "What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank."

In Englander's story, the couple of Deb and the couple of Mark represent two different kinds of romantic relationship in their marriage. The narrator and his wife are in a relatively ideal and enduring romantic relationship. They have the basic and necessary element to nature their love for a long time because of the trust, protection, and understanding of each other. These qualities can help them overcome the conflicts that happened between them, and greatly improve their relationship. The most important quality they performed in the story is trust. The narrator feels unhappy when he knows that his wife hides some secrets from him. However, he wants to listen to her explanations and solve the problem with her instead of being angry and interrogating her immediately.

Obviously, this behavior shows the existence of trust between them in their hearts, as they believe that all the secrets between them are reasonable and never aim to treat. It is normal for lovers to have some conflicts or troubles, but they have the foundation to endure their love if their trust still exists. Then, there is another plot that shows the narrator and his wife being happy and in an enduring romantic relationship. When they play the game, what we talk about when we talk about by Anna Frank, both of them believe they would try their best to protect each other and their child if there is a holocaust. This plot shows that both their trust and their idea to protect each other from any hurt is possible. The protection and trust are crucial in stabilizing the love between two people. However, the relationship between Shoshana and Yerucham is a little tense one, and it does not represent a happy and enduring romantic relationship.

The most obvious expression is Mark's attitude when playing that game. He has hesitation as to whether he will save his wife and children. It indicates that he is unwilling to take a risk of his life to save his wife, which means he is not reliable …

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