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ICT at Rangitoto College

Table of Contents

- Limitations of ICT Integration at Rangitoto College
- Present Gaps in the Way of Teaching
- ICT Conditions at Rangitoto College
- ICT Solutions
- The Innovative Use of ICT for Teaching and Learning
- ICT Application to Enhance the Teaching and Learning Processes
- Conclusions
- References

ICT at Rangitoto College

ICT represent the diverse variety of technical tools that are used for the purpose of communication as well as dissemination, storage, and management of the information (Tinio, 2003). An integration of the ICT into the educational process should be seen as the way to amend educational system and adjust to the global technological changes, which contributes to the preparation of the specialists with the competitive advantage on the global labor market. The paper seeks to investigate the positive experience of Rangitoto College of the application of ICT in the schooling process. Rangitoto College is one of the biggest secondary schools New Zealand’s and has managed to develop successful e-learning strategy, which makes it possible to position the college as an example to other schools.

Limitations of ICT Integration at Rangitoto

College The limitations ICT are exposed to possess intrinsic or extrinsic nature. Ertmer (1999) points out that the extrinsic barriers mostly depend on the level of the financial support the school has and can be defined as follows: first-order and cited access, time, support the educators can expect to receive, resources and training. Intrinsic limitation factors mostly come from the inner perception and attitude of the school staff to the ICT and include the beliefs, resistance, and practices. It is possible to assume the interdependency between the two types of limitations as the attitude of teachers, administrators and educators to the ICT is influenced by the level of confidence they demonstrate towards the use of modern technologies. In turns, the level of confidence is affected by the ability to have permanent access to the ICT and by the amount and quality of technical access and training available to the educators. The less confident with the technologies the teachers are, the bigger resistance will be traced to the integration of the ICT in the educational process (Dawes, 2000).The Rangitoto College developing its e-learning and ICT strategy has managed to take into account the following limitations that might arise. Thus, it has managed to equip each of the classrooms with the necessary technological devices. Moreover, recent trend applied in the college is the focus on the sound as well, rewiring and equipping each classroom with a speaker and sound mixer. In order to make the adaptation easier for the personnel, Rangitoto College has introduced the specific course for teachers to upskill their practical knowledge. Teachers can rely on the support of the two ICT professional working at school (going digital)

Present Gaps in the Way of Teaching

Even though ICT is rather well-integrated in Rangitoto’s school curriculum and the strategy of …

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