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Educational Problems


The American University in the Emirates is one of the briskly growing universities in the United States. It is located at the Dubai International Academic City. One of the primary reasons that make many students want to study in the university is because it offers the American curriculum despite being in the UAE.

The university has most of the technologically latest educational amenities that adequately support most extracurricular activities. Being a student in the university, I can attest to the fact that it offers programs that equip us with knowledge and sharpen our professional skills to meet the requirements of the global, regional, as well as local job markets. The programs and activities are overseen by highly regarded faculty members, who aim at engaging the students in exceptional learning experiences and enthusiastic alumni recommendations.

Despite exhibiting the state of the art learning technologies, students in the university still face various social problems while taking their studies from the university. For this reason, this paper identifies these issues and attempts to establish the root causes of the problems.

What is the major service problem in your university?

The major service problem in the university is delay. Various departments at the university are prone to delaying academic services that are ought to be delivered in time. It is common knowledge that timely and convenient delivery of academic services is crucial to the better performance of students (Zepke & Leach 2005). The delay of such services in the university forces us to compromise our personal programs and time schedules. Some things take too long to be done in the university.

For instance, a student seeking for an official paper from the registration department may be delayed for up to two weeks, regardless of the due date of the paper. The possible causes of such delays could be:Failure of equipment; various departments often claim of the failure of equipment resulting in delayed services. If such equipment as computers or printers break down, it might take a considerable amount time before they are replace. Meanwhile, students experience delays in academic services.

I understand that my better performance at the university dependent on my ability to concentrate in my studies at any given time at the university or home. I always put effort to ensure that I grasp and comprehend all the concepts taught in class. However, I often get interference from external disruptions while conducting my studies. For this reason, the major thing that interferes with my study is external interruptions. To me, some of the interruptions are unavoidable and I tend to always give in to them despite the understanding of their effects on my studies (Benson, et al., 2007). The major causes of disruptions in my studies are:Electronic gadgets: the practice of carrying electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and personal computers significantly interferes …

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