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A lesson plan is described as the defined as the ' learning trajectory' or well-outlined course of instructions for a teacher. This usually requires a teacher to develop a daily lesson plan that helps in guiding class learning. Lesson plans detailing vary depending on the subject being covered, needs of the student and the preference of the teacher.

In the field of teaching I use a lesson plan to create organization and harmony with teaching students and attending to their academic and psychological needs. More so, the lesson plans helps me with my schedule in class and helps not to go off topic or get derailed from the set targets and goals as a teacher. Lesson plans come in all different types such as a personal lesson plan, high quality, publishable lesson plan and collegial lesson plan among others.

I would be providing a well detailed outline of formulating a math lesson plan design for students. I develop lesson plans based on their discipline specificity which is different from a generalized lesson plan template. For example, my math lesson plan design depicts the uniqueness of the content and teaching of the discipline. Below are my key components for effective lesson planning which serve to help a teacher or a tutor in nurturing the academic and psychological capabilities of their students. Standard of Learning I use this to ensure the formulated lesson plan conforms to the Standard of learning if the country's education system.Content ObjectiveThis enables me to thoroughly assess the student's condition, behavior and criteria relative to what I deliver to them with my lesson plan.


I use my assessment procedures to develop a link between the lesson plan and the learning outcome and objectives. The measured outcomes must be quantifiable and specific and include different strategies that are authentic and appropriate for the student population. Several methods such as scoring guides and rubrics can be used with assessment. Cognitive level I employ this component to check what student can do with the knowledge and skills they have learnt. I test students on their high level thinking skills through various methods such as Big Ideas used in the school Curriculum.


Through this component, I can identify important words and register used in given context in a lesson. This includes all new words that should be introduced in a lesson.DifferentiationUnder this component I benchmark data from my former students with my current students in which I can easily spot every student's need and guide them through their learning process.

Supporting resources

I provide students with a variety of learning materials that help them in their studies. For example, I provide students with trade books, websites and digital media among others.

Lesson Delivery

I use this lesson planning component to achieve various objectives such as, summarization of the skills and knowledge acquired by a student, provide students with an opportunity to actively participate in their learning process and set the pace for a student's study time.

I provide notes and reflections to the student after …

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