Effects of Knowing Spanish as a Healthcare Professional in the USA essay sample

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PROJECT SUMMARY: Effects of Knowing Spanish as a Healthcare Professional in the USA

Language barriers can increase the probability of wrong diagnosing due to miscommunication. The following research proposal aims to investigate the effects of knowing the Spanish language as healthcare professionals in the United States.Many residents of the United States have to face the problem of language barriers in the health care facilities. The issue of language barriers is not developed enough in scholarly literature as evident from the mismatches between the state of knowledge and the required amount the health care professionals should learn (Jacobs et al., 2006). The importance of knowing Spanish is outlined Regenstein’s et al. (2009) study that draws attention to the difficulties hospitals face identifying non-English speakers. Spanish is the second most common language after English and is the primary language of non-English speakers in 93% of cases. The communication between Spanish-speaking resident and English speaking pharmacy worker is facilitated with the help of the interpreter.

The inaccuracy of translation causes prescription of inappropriate medications. It discourages the Spanish-speaking population from using preventive care services and decreases trust to the industry of pharmacy (Flores, 2006). English speakers are more likely to describe the health care they received as excellent than the Hispanics (Hu & Covell, 1986). Bradshow’s et al. study (2007) can be used as the basis for the research since it focuses on foreign language knowledge among pharmacists and identifies the worrying tendency in which 64% of U.S. pharmacies never or rather rarely can communicate in other language than English. It depicts the negative factors of communication in pharmacy, the elimination of which due to the college language course will be tested in the research.

The hypothesis of the research is that the pharmacists’ knowledge of Spanish language will decrease medication error in the pharmacy practice. The research hypothesis is tested with the help of the following research questions: how does the behavior of the patients change when they can talk in their native language; how does taking Spanish class as a mandatory required a course in pharmacy school help reduce language barrier problems. The research will be based on the qualitative method and rely on the analysis of health care professionals’ feedback and interviews.

The independent variables are multilingual pharmacy environment and the Spanish language courses, whereas the dependent ones include the efficacy of courses, quality of the prescription of medication and productivity of communication.Intellectual merit: the proposed research will contribute to the scientific knowledge of the importance of language for the proper communication in health care facilities. Most of the existing research focuses on language barriers Hispanics face when turning to the hospital (Schur & Albers, 1996; Hu & Covell, 1986) but not on the ways it influences the pharmacy practice. The research proposal will test how efficacy of mandatory Spanish courses so that to develop the set of recommendations regarding the improvement of communication between pharmacists and patients. The combination of the possible ways of contribution will help to diminish the language …

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