Effects of Plyometric Training on Muscle-Activation Strategies and Performance in Female Athletes essay sample

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Physical trainings are important for our life. They allow us to develop our physical skills, maintain healthy lifestyle, speeds up metabolism and simply improves our mood and helps us to cheer up. There are a lot of different training techniques and methods, some of them allow to gain muscles, others improves your power abilities, some allows to develop your stamina etc. In our case study we will discuss the efficiency of plyometric training on muscle-activation strategies and performance in female athletes.

It is important to notice, that according to Chu (1998) Plyometric is a kind of workout based on different jumping movements. Such trainings are used for improving the athletic performance, which require speed, agility and endurance. Track and field athletes, boxers and representatives of other sports frequently use plyometric for improving of explosive power and speed. These exercises allow muscles to develop the greatest force for the least possible time, with little effect on body composition. The last fact is very important for female athletes, which despite the athletic goals desire to remain feminine instead of bulky athletic body.Nowadays, with global progress athletes are able gain benefits from latest scientific discoveries. For example, modern athletes can make changes into their training plans after detailed tests in laboratories, which strictly define athlete’s weakness and strengths. The modern records in sports are set up not only by the naturally gifted athletes, but also by a great bunch of scientists, physiologists, physicians and coaches.

Modern athlete is just a tool for the records establishment. Also recent researches proved the efficiency of plyometric for female athletes. There were selected a number of college level female athletes 18 to 22 years of age. A team of professional scientist and physicians carefully analyzed their training performance using the latest technical devises. Firstly they were inspected for any surgeries from injuries, to minimize the possible errors during their tests. Also for additional test accuracy they separated these athletes into two different groups: one part (control group) continued their routine workout and other part (experimental group) were additionally using plyometric training during their offseason training. Scientists collected a lot of data and properly analyzed it. Their results were quite innovative, because they noticed the significant changes in the muscle-activation patterns between the experimental and control groups. Experimental plyometric group showed a prominent domination over control group by better results and improvement in results.

After these conclusions both the scientific world and the sport world started a discussion about pros and cons of this technique and performance improvement. They agreed that plyometric training is a great way for activation muscle growth processes and overall improvement of results. Also they admitted the advantages of such method for female athletes which are unable to perform weight training at the level of men-athletes.I suppose that this article in very informative and useful, we are living in epoch when every fact needs …

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