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Emerging Technologies in Healthcare


The study on emerging technologies in healthcare aims at understanding the relationship between nurses, patients, family, and the population at large. The technology will help in educating on healthcare issues and ways of handling situations (Richins, 2015). The centralization and decentralization of nursing stations through the use of modern technology.


In the changing world through communication and technology, modification in the healthcare sector is inevitable. The technology will be used to educate the patients, family, and population on how to respond to health issues and management of diet. MethodsInstead of the setting up of nursing stations for testing and diagnosing patients, an application can be installed in the mobile phones. Since almost everyone owns a phone, the application can be set in a way that it can detect a disease by testing the symptoms. Despite the application being installed in the Android phones, patients will be guided on how to use the application (Richins, 2015). When the patients would have done the test or the diagnosis, the system can be linked in a way to send the report to the nurses. The family can be thought on how to check on the best diet to eat.

Rather than families eating according to their desires, a system can be put in place to guide in selecting a diet. The nurses can develop an application that can send messages to all families on what to eat. Through the system of advising on diet, there will be no cases of suffering from diseases caused by poor dieting.The entire population can be educated on how to keep a healthy environment. Through technology, a system can be improvised to send health measures programs and activities to perform (Richins, 2015). Events like sewer treatment and bushy areas cleaning will reduce mosquitoes.


Through the improved technology, the centralization and decentralization of stations can be limited. Once the technology is in use, patients, family, and the population at large will not need to move and get seminars. The applications will be used to educate, solve issues and gather information. As a suggestion, the legal authorities can be asked to play a part in the improvement of technology on healthcare.


Richins, S. (2015). Emerging technologies in …

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