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Emotional Intelligence

The concept of Emotional IntelligenceEmotional intelligence (EI) - a person's ability to handle emotional information, which is received and transferred by means of our emotions. The concept of emotional intelligence is relatively new and unorthodox, that is why clear understanding of what emotional intelligence is, is not yet formed. However, it is clear that emotions carry information. The emergence and shifts of emotions have logical patterns.

Emotions come and go, develop in space (shift from one to another), grow, disappear and have their causes and consequences. Emotions affect our thinking and participate in the decision-making processes. Emotion can be defines as a reaction to any change in the environment. According to the human nature of emotions, they can be both positive and negative for problem solving and decision-making processes. Emotions may be chaotic, unmanageable leading to misguided decisions and improper logic. Sometimes they can even lead to breakage.Despite the problems connected to interpreting the concept, nowadays it is widely used major companies all over the world. It serves as a unique tool for identifying potentially effective leaders and as a tool of developing their leadership skills (Batool, 2013). The concept can be better explained on the real life example, which can take place in every organization.

The manager of a company A discovers that his subordinate is not working hard and directly assumes that this subordinate is lazy. This is not emotional intelligence. However, the manager of company B who meets the same issue examines his case closer. He understands that the worker is afraid to make mistakes. The manager of company B will not only avoid punishment of this worker, but also will be able to help him to overcome the issue. This is the example of emotional intelligence.Emotional Quotient is a concept brought by Daniel Goleman, which defines individual’s emotional intelligence (1995).

The person with a higher EQ is able to manipulate his emotions as well as implement advanced cognitive skills in his everyday life. If compared to intelligence quotient, emotional quotient is a measurement, which succeeds in measuring one’s abilities more objectively. We live in a social world, where people constantly interact with each other. That is why communication and emotional control has a particular value. Nowadays, EQ is becoming a more beneficial tool for examination of employee’s competency as it serves as an evidence of his resistance to stress and ability to work in a team. Overall, EQ cannot be taught in school, has a direct influence on success and improves overall mental health (Andrews, 2004). Unlike EQ, IQ measures word power, mathematical skills and logical reasoning, is partially taught in school and cannot be used to calculate group’s competency objectively.Reasons why Leaders Need Emotional IntelligenceWhile EQ is getting more and more appreciated by contemporary organizations, it becomes essential for every successful leader to possess qualities of emotional intelligence.

First, the managers with a higher EQ think twice before performing certain actions, while self-control and self-awareness help them to make more judged decisions. These leaders avoid being …

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