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Engineering and Technology Management

Delegation is a fundamental management skill. These commonsensical principles and approaches will help an individual to delegate well. When delegation is done the right way, it saves time, enhances people skills, grooms the heir apparent and inspires people to achieve objectives. On the other hand, when delegations are executed poorly, it creates frustration, demoralizes and creates confusion among the team, which ultimately fails to realize the task per se.

1. Identify the principles related to delegating work effectively

There are various principles related to delegating work effectively including;

Determining what to delegate: Good delegation starts with definition of roles, in this case, write down all the activities as well as roles. Carefully, review the master list while grouping all items in two secondary lists- tasks you alone can perform and things performed by others or assist you accomplish. Any activities in the second list, gives room for delegation. All the activities must be defined with respect to objectives are expected results. If an individual accepts delegation, he/she must be given a adequate information and recognize that the responsibility is essential (Angst and Borowiecki, 2014). Therefore, it’s after clarification of these goals that the individual getting the authority would do effective job as assigned. Select the right individual to delegate the responsibility. Success depends on performing your roles; however it is associated with recognizing the right individual to carry out the task. To get the right individual to delegate a task involves matching the ability to the role.

Clarifying the targeted outcomes: When workers understand the outcome of a given task, it enables them to use their creativity to complete it. Another importance of effective delegation is that the person can get not only a suitable but also an efficient approach of accomplishing task or realizing the targeted results (Angst and Borowiecki, 2014).

Defining workers' roles and power with regards to the delegated assignment. Openly convey the expectations, time frame and responsibilities. In this ensure make sure that workers exchange ideas based the task at hand (Ahmed and Jensen, 2009). Establishing follow up meetings: These meetings must highlight on important issues such as monitor the progress and determine employees require assistance. The number of meeting differs in accordance with the scope of the task, if the worker is new or long-term people of the unit.

Communication: It is necessary to have a two-way communication between managers and workers. The managers should provide clear guidelines and follow up to clarify and guide workers if they experience some challenges in performing the task.

Establish enough control: Control structure in delegation should set executive from regular monitoring while allowing him/her to maintain responsibility. In this case, the subordinates must be encouraged to adhere to the self-control means. In addition, they must be provided with insight of predetermined standards required from them.

Self-control requires the subordinates to;

a) Participating in establishing standards;

b) Recognize and accept the set standards;

c) furnished with reliable information regularly and they …

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