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Engineering ethics is a sector containing moral principles that are followed by engineers when conducting their work. The ethics do examine and set obligations to the engineers, the profession, and the clients served.


Deontology is a set of rules imposed to a group of people from a certain field. The duty and morality of actions performed by human beings are emphasized by the Deontology theory. It is the characteristics of an action that determines whether the action is good. According to Immanuel Kant, without qualification nothing is good except a good will. A good will is one that acts according to the law. In working according to t the law, there should be no natural inclinations. A moral law in something is an unconditional command whose content is only established by human reason. Neglect to the content of moral obligation is going contrary to the principles (Stephen L).

Sir David Ross brought in that prima facie duties, apart from single principle are self-evident. Promise, bookkeeping, reparation, gratitude, and justice are the prima facie duties discussed by Sit David Ross. Instead of a single principle deriving the duties, the duties themselves are self-evident. Another triumph towards deontological views is the protection of human rights. An example is a rule set by an engineers board stating that any engineer found not exercising safety measures right from dressing will be penalized. The rule will help people to adhere to the safety rules and regulations.


Actions are right if they tend to bring happiness, and they are wrong if they tend to bring the reverse of happiness. Utilitarianism is the ability to provide a solution to a practical question. The act of doing something to hurt few people but to satisfy the needs of many people. Morals are best when exercised well. The only way a moral action can be determined is by the maximization of utility. The utility can be well defined by sentient entities. The result of an act, whether positive or negative are the consequences of utilitarianism. For example, happiness is a balance of pleasure over some measurements is not perhaps essential but they are necessary when it comes to utilitarianism in making comparisons. Although cases lie lying and stealing can have bad consequences, theft from a rich person can be permissible. Another utilitarianism objection is that preventing or eliminating a suffering. For instance, punishing a criminal will be a way of helping the society from more crimes to be done. The punishment will be imposed to one person to the benefit of many (C L).

Virtue ethics

One of the key elements of ethical thinking is the character of an individual. Unlike deontology, that is a set of rules and utilitarianism that is a set of actions. As it was declared by Aristotle, ideal characters are a sign of virtuous people. Naturally the tendencies of a person can depict the traits. For example, someone who has a character that is consistent for a long time and does not behave …

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