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Relations between participants of communication

Relations between participants of communication are very important. Strong relationships will help to achieve the goal.

First of all, it is necessary to mention, that sensitive appeal to the audience is the first stage to success in this field.

Secondly, positive feedback from the audience can be received due to credibility. These two aspects are the keys to organize positive relationships with an audience. In different messages, writers can use the appropriate words, but it does not mean that they are sensitive to the audience.

The sender should make clear that wishes, interests of receivers are in mind. Such good etiquette helps to show respect for the audience, on the one hand, and to create the successful environment for communications, on the other hand. No doubt, that all writers expect from their audience to respect their opinion, and at the same time they also must respect the diversity of human points of view, that can be shown only due to being sensitive to the audience in writing.

Responses from audience depend also on writer’s credibility. It shows the level of sender’s reliability, which will help in the future to organize communications easier and faster. As a result, the writer should not spend time in order to prove people, that he or she is a reliable source of information. To highlight this issue, it should be noted, that person, who writes the message, has to monitor the clarity and readability of writing, since people need to get a direct information.

The rules to improve readability of writing generally can be listed as follows: make short sentences and paragraphs, use subheadings and bulleted lists, analyze it (Patra, 2014). Mentioned tips will help to make writing more attractive and clear for the audience.

To sum it up, it is necessary to mention that written communication is a step forward to success. Effective writing must be easy to read, clear and concise, attractive for receivers and meet audience’s expectations. As a result it helps to avoid wasting time and efforts.


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