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Ensuring Team Effectiveness

The aim of the present report is to prepare an action plan for developing a competent team. Upon obtaining the position of Team Leader of Distribution and Warehousing in the large jewelers company, it is necessary to deal with the existing problems in organization and to ensure the coherent and efficient action, which will benefit both the company and team members. The team of the department consists of 12 members with different background and experience, who were selected due to their relevant skills.

However, this practice of selection haven’t ensured the effective team work. The major problems which is considered in team by the senior managers is that the departmental productivity doesn’t meet the expectations of the company.The enhancement of team dynamics is meant to develop the effectiveness of internal and external interaction of the team members. The importance of the personality of team leader and his leadership skills for the dynamics and organizational performance is high (Peterson et al, 2003).

Considering the fact that I am a new member of the team, the importance of proper self-presentation is even higher. In my actions on the position I will start with the informal communication and will get familiar with each team member. I have to present my professional and personal skills to the colleagues, and at the same time confirm my leading position in the organization.In elaborating the method of enhancing productivity it is necessary to pay attention to the stage of team development. Before getting to the stance of mature group, it usually goes through the phases of honeymoon, when everything seems easy, conflict stage with emerging problems, confusion-about-democracy stage with the search for leadership, messy stage with doubts and challenges, and scary stage with the search for guilty (Mohr & Dichter, 2002).

Considering the description of the situation proposed in the project, I believe that the group is on the messy stage, where chaos is dominating in the system and the communications are failing. In this case, the role of leader is to make the group members comfortable with challenges and direct their efforts in a productive way. Being a new employee on the leading position makes it difficult to assess how efficiently I have entered the team, and may be one of the most substantial challenges (DiTullio, 2010).

To deal with that, I will struggle for a leadership role in the collective, which is easier due to my formal leadership status. Since the lack of the leader is one of the drawbacks of my department, as acknowledged by top managers, this policy will contribute to the solution. The group dynamics is expected to grow positively when a new member joins it. The intention to incorporate new member and share with him the group values and beliefs is about to consolidate group and develop its social identity (Pinto et al., 2010). I expect that in such situation, certain group members will demonstrate leadership abilities, which will consequently make them candidates for more …

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