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Entrepreneur Case Study

Entrepreneurs design and implement a practical business plan to start and establish a venture (Drucker, 2014). Entrepreneurship can be considered as an art in which a businessperson conceives a new business idea and perceives its probable outcome (Kuratko, 2013).

During the process, the entrepreneur seeks for viable opportunities that can be exploited, and then design the business plan based on the available viable opportunities prior to acquiring the financial, human, logistics and other resources needed; and subsequently implementing the business plan (Minniti, 2013). The entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the most critical determinants of the probabilities that an infant venture start-up would either succeed or fail (Szirmai, Naudé, & Goedhuys, 2011).

A business start-up, which adapts to the entrepreneurial ecosystem is more likely to succeed as compared to non-conformist and rigid business ventures (Drucker, 2014). For one to qualify as entrepreneur, he or she must fulfill the following conditions:

Must have started a viable venture

Must have invested resources in the venture

Must be presently engaged in operating the income-generating venture

Must operate a legitimate business

The following entrepreneur case study will focus on Jerome Pinto Sports

File, an online entertainment portal, which focuses on sports and online betting.

Case Study

Jerome Pinto SportsFile is a private members-only portal, which provides real-time sports updates to its clients thereby providing them with updated information, which they can leverage during bets. The portal can be accessed behind a subscription firewall. The firm also has an online betting portal where clients can place bets on upcoming games.

The firm also sources its revenue from integrated and customized banner advertisements.The firm is a viable and legitimate venture which has accrued customer revenues. The background information about the firm is provided below along with its history.Jerome Pinto SportsFile was established in June 2013 by Jerome Pinto, a graduate computer programmer, and certified web designer. Initially, Pinto conceived the firm as an online sports news aggregator, which would aggregate sports updates mirrored from sport news agencies. In 2012, he started programming the aggregation engine, which he hoped to build into his website. However, the aggregation engine performed poorly during a test run, and its core heuristics were not parsed properly and this created problems with search indexing and data retrieval. It was at this point that Pinto started to study the operations of online betting engines and virtual sports simulators. After two months of research and intense study of various source codes, which were used in online betting networks, he decided to build an online betting engine, which could be integrated into websites.

In late 2012, he had built the engine, and he successfully tested it. It was at this time that he conceived the plan to build an online betting platform using his betting engine. Nonetheless, he decided to do a market survey to gauge the feasibility of an online betting business. …

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