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Environmental-Based Ethical Dilemma

The environmental-based dilemma that I have ever experienced is the story and concern about the black charcoals obtained from immature trees.

In 2014, when was conducting my graduation research report, I discovered that there are environmental abuses of charcoal activities as well as charcoal burners. Furthermore, the local authorities discovered that charcoals obtained from immature trees were not good for cooking, and that was taking up the entire market. Moreover, there is a significant trend of having charcoals obtained from recycled charcoals; this charcoal from recycled charcoals does not have ethical support (Juric et al. 2005). Therefore, there is also an intercept that these activities of selling and using recycled charcoals were packed together with stones and small glasses, and that could cause burst suddenly during the process of cooking.

This environmental-based dilemma seems to be complex at the moment, but it needs to apply critical thinking as well as reasoning while resolving it. Immanuel Kant’s approach indicates that there are any acts as well as behaviors that are right or wrong in their nature. However, if the effects of an act are to produce pleasure and happiness, then we seem not to behave morally responsible and in an acceptable manner (Juric et al. 2005). About this particular dilemma, the result is to fulfill the needs of charcoal burners and their families. However, it is significantly impacting the environment by introducing small glasses and stones to make money from consumers, thus are not ethical. In this case, we should act to the maxim as if we are willing to be in a universal norm. And we should not treat others as if the end is tomorrow.

Therefore, respecting each other’s idea is paramount (Juric et al. 2005). Unlike Kant’s approach, the use of competing (assertive and uncooperative) in such a dilemma can be effective. The competing approach applies to the above dilemma in such a way that requires using direct tactics and having an assertive need to control the situation or people. In this case, I will need to straighten out both the charcoal burners and the local authorities, to give a reason for, which is right or wrong, and I will be ready to defend my ideas straight away.

I will apply whatever seems suitable to solve the problem. However, Immanuel Kant’s approach to resolving dilemma is the most significant because it embraces the right and dignity of people about their behaviors (Juric et al. 2005).


Juric, T. M. (2005). The aesthetics of ethical subjectivity: ethics & aesthetics in the work of Immanuel Kant. Friedrich Nietzsche and Theodor Adorno: 22: …

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